Best reasons why growing mushrooms from spore syringe can be fun

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    Jun 25, 2014
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Best reasons why growing mushrooms from spore syringe can be fun Photo by John Redinn

There are about 14,000 known species of mushroom and we only know of 250 kinds that are edible. A good number of these mushrooms are found in the wild but we can also grow them at home by using the spores of the mushroom that we can get as spore syringe online or through brick and mortar stores.

For the uninitiated, mushroom spores are just like seeds of flowers of fruits. For mushrooms, we call it spores and they are the ones used to reproduce the variety of mushrooms, be it medicinal mushrooms or gourmet mushrooms.

If you are interested to grow your own mushrooms, you will need to get a spore syringe. A spore syringe is basically a mixture of mushrooms spores and sterile water.

Growing mushrooms may be daunting for a lot of people but it does not involve rocket science. Growing mushrooms can be fun and actually life-enriching. Below are some reasons why people should explore the idea of growing mushrooms.

Fungal Fun

That might not sound so pleasing but from mushroom spores from your spore syringe, you will be seeing your fungal 'minions' grow. From a speck to consumable goodies that you can use in the kitchen or you can use to treat illness. It takes a bit of patience but it can be a blast if you are the type who loves taking care of things and seeing them bloom.


Just like anything that you will get into, you will be learning a lot along the way. Before you use those spore print, surely you will do some reading to properly grow mushrooms and understand more the role of fungi in our environment. You will know more about the process of using spore syringe, taking care of the mushrooms, and their life cycle.


If you spend some money buying mushrooms for your consumption, a spore syringe can be your start of being self sufficient in terms of having your own supply of magic mushroom spores, for example. Whether medicinal or gourmet mushrooms, you do not have to wait for your next trip to the grocery store or your next round of online shopping to enjoy mushrooms but pick them any time you want them.

You will also be able to save some money since some varieties of mushrooms can be quite expensive. Growing your own will mean more yield and more mushrooms to enjoy without spending a dime.

Expand your taste range

As you go along in growing mushroom, you can experiment in getting different kinds of spores for different types of mushrooms. Each variant can have a different range of flavors while medicinal mushrooms may also have their varying effects to the human body.


If you have a "green" soul in you, you can actually be more helpful to environmental causes since you can use recycled materials to grow mushrooms. Some of the materials that may come useful are old cardboards, used ground coffee, among others. You might also venture into mycorestoration where you can help revive a habitat by using the mushrooms.

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