An Experienced Staffing Agency is a Job Seekers Best Friend

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    Feb 26, 2013
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Job search
Job search
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Job searching, especially in the post economic crisis environment, is tougher than ever. If one is having difficulty finding work then it may be a good idea to enlist the aid of a professional recruiter. People who are seeking work in Denver and Houston, for example, can access recruiters at several top staffing agencies who can help them present their skill sets before employers. Whether one is looking for a position in Houston, Denver or elsewhere across the country, it can pay to work with a staffing agency that can help streamline the search.

A few Internet searches can get a person some background information on recruiters in the local area. The next step is to set up a phone interview to check what types of work they may have available and to let them become acquainted with one’s skills and abilities. Staffing agencies can help individuals who are new graduates, people re-entering the workforce and people who may be between jobs or wishing to change careers. Especially in these more difficult economic times it can be a definite boost to one’s job search to work with recruiters who have inside access to companies who are looking for skilled workers.

Perhaps someone has just graduated from college and has minimal work experience, but has developed skills in fundraising by volunteering with several non-profit organizations. There are staffing agencies that can place an individual with this type of background with an association. Some agencies also place people into part-time and temp-to-perm positions, so flexibility is key when working with a recruiter. It’s advised that job seekers keep their options open and consider part-time or temp work as it could lead to a steady full-time position later.

Some people want to change careers after spending a decade or more in one industry. They may wish to acquire some new skills by completing computer or design courses, so they can try for a new position. Recruiters can advise job changers about what jobs are ‘hot’ in the area, and what hiring trends are for the area. By consulting with a staffing agency individuals can gauge the job market and then take courses at a technical or community college that align with their interests and the current job market.

Job hunting for many people can be a stressful time. Working with a staffing agency can alleviate much of that frustration as it provides a conduit between the job seeker and companies who have positions they want to fill. A staffing agency can provide an advantage to someone who has just moved to an area or who is planning a move. Individuals who are relocating can get insight into the local job market and a leg up on job opportunities by working with a recruiter. Ultimately an experienced staffing agency can make job hunting a more organized and less grueling experience.

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