Advice on Selling Mineral Rights for Earning a Continual Profit

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    Mar 22, 2013
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There are many things that should be considered before you decide to sell your mineral rights. If you are planning to sell a mineral like coal, these deals will most often be a one off type of transaction and you will be given a certain amount of money before the work starts. You will not always obtain mineral royalties unless it is defined in your contract. Attaining a reliable mineral rights consultant to look over or create any type of paper work will be a great assistance in securing any type of additional payouts that you would like to be part of the transaction.

Though there are many who consider this to be a simple option, selling the mineral rights without violating them could lead to huge losses in the future. Instead, it is better to have a professional who will help you as a guide to earn maximum gains. The minerals that belong to you could start decreasing in value as time passes by. Two major things can happen if one decides to hold on to the minerals, and both can result in a large numbers of issues for the mineral owners.

If the land is not being drilled, you will not be earning royalties or lease payments, which ultimately means you are out that much money that you could be investing to make more money. Secondly, let us imagine that you attain an offer for selling a property less than what you think it is worth. It may be a great offer, but you don’t the actual value of your land. Once you refuse the offer by the oil company, they may go on to purchase the land of your neighbor, and once they start drilling, find that they overestimated the actual amount of minerals in the particular area. This could render your land worthless. Firms that buy mineral rights, gas and oil royalties are actually involved in a high risk game.

Most of the minerals, excluding coal, are purchased through leasing which gives the buyer some time to start harvesting the minerals. A few companies deal as middlemen buying the lease holds from landowners so as to resell them later on. Once the company purchases your mineral rights in a lease hold situation, you can expect a smaller payment upfront, although once production starts, your oil and gas royalty will start paying out.

If the lease hold agreement is created correctly, you could make a large amount of money when the well produces high amounts of oil or gas. This is where you need a good mineral rights consultant who can fight your case. This is especially true when the other party is paying you an oil royalty or something similar. It is important to remember that your royalties will be paid on production.

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