NEW: Europe Internet eShoppers use services to shop online

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    Sep 30, 2013
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NEW: Europe Internet eShoppers use services to shop online Photo by Jean Meyer

Ordering goods from overseas can be very challenging - not every website offers international shipping, and worse, even those that do may have shipping charges go through the roof for even the smallest items as a way of helping to pay for transportation over such a long distance... And that's usually followed by laws and regulations for imports in each country, which may further compound the difficulties. Fortunately, customers shopping from Europe have a few special advantages with, a website allowing a far easier way to Shop in USA stores and start getting access to the very same products that American nationals do. has partnered with a variety of organizations to maximize the ease of placing orders internationally. With card companies like MasterCard and Visa, alternative payment systems like Paypal, and shipping companies from DHL and FedEx to Nippon Express, we have the logistics for transportation down... And that means that customers will be able to have as many options as possible for shipping, allowing for affordable and rapid transportation of each and every order.

The process for ordering is more simple than it often appears at first glance. Before placing an order, you'll be able to choose from several different types of memberships. The basic level is ideal for the casual shopper looking to import a few specific goods on rare occasions, either as gifts or simply out of personal interest. At the other end of the scale, is delighted to offer a business plan suitable for large, frequent orders that will need to be distributed throughout the area. For those who are worried about placing their orders and getting every detail right, also offers a concierge shopping service that will take care of all the details.

When an item is first shipped, its destination will be one of our warehouses located within the US. We'll take care of the shipping after that, working with the selected partner for each order in order to ensure timely delivery. It really is that easy.

Now, we already mentioned how customs can affect the importing process - and, as it happens, regulations really do vary by country. At, we do our utmost to stay up-to-date on which products are accepted for delivery, making sure you'll actually be able to get your goods when you Import from usa stores. If problems do arise, we'll always do our utmost to resolve them.

Your ability to get the goods you want shouldn't be limited by geographic location. With, you can safely order from top American retailers and have products shipped anywhere in Europe with one easy-to-use system. Our trusted affiliates will help with payments and the physical transportation while we keep everything as organized and affordable as possible. For the top US brand-name products or exclusive items that you'll never find in local stores, is your one-stop solution.

More information on all services, including the terms and conditions of use, is available on the official website. Please review these items carefully, as they may be relevant to your orders.

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