SilverBuiltIT Offers Application Development for Facebook, Mobile Phones, and More

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    Mar 18, 2013
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SilverBuiltIT Offers Application Development for Facebook, Mobile Phones, and More Photo by Antonia Berkeley

Application development is one of the most crucial aspects of publishing to any platform. Many users have different expectations in different areas, from the quick and easy programs installed onto mobile phones to more serious applications that require downloading, registration, and other features. However, many people with ideas don't understand how to maximize the potential of what they have, and this is where many ideas fail.

SilverBuildIT is a mobile application developer with an emphasis on staying at the top of the game. This covers two primary categories, each of which are designed to give partners the best possible service.

The first category is staying up to date with development techniques for different platforms. Search engines change their algorithms, websites change the way they display things to users, and cell phone operating systems (such as Android) frequently receive patches that may disrupt the ability of programs to function in an optimal manner. To solve these issues, SilverBuildIT develops applications for web, mobile and Facebook settings in ways that take advantage of their current programming but leave open the possibility of upgrades down the line. This makes keeping an application up-to-date easier and less expensive than ever before, allowing partners to focus on maximizing profit instead of worrying about updates wiping out the entire investment.

The second category of service is related to an understanding of consumer culture and what potential customers or users might be looking for in a particular application. No matter how efficiently the program is able to run on any given operating system, users may not like elements such as the interface or the style. SilverBuildIT is helping to solve this problem by developing applications in ways that pay attention to how users might respond to them. User-friendliness comes in a wide variety of forms, from creative loading sequences that minimize initial waits to options that allow users to customize the program settings (as appropriate) in ways that make them enjoy it more.

Outside of direct application development, SilverBuildIT also offers a variety of marketing programs to help spread the word about your product. This service category includes some administrative work as well as optimizing your website for Search Engine Optimization, professional translation services for both in-app and website content, and the generation of a marketing strategy tailored to your specific application.

Our project managers will begin the development process by helping you understand what will be happening with your product and how long you can expect each step to take. Applications are developed in different ways, and the time line for one type of application may be very different than the time line for another idea. However, by understanding the project before anyone even gets started, you can make the most informed decisions about development and ensure that your idea is realized to its fullest potential. Communications can be done in-person at our offices or through a variety of alternate methods (including e-mail, Skype, telephone, and other methods).

SilverBuildIT will work with you to develop applications and achieve the best results.


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SilverBuildIT turns ideas into applications with development for a variety of platforms.

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