Candles Throughout The Ages

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    Jan 03, 2013
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When one thinks back to all the ways that candles have offered illumination throughout the ages, it’s easy to see why they tend to be viewed in an affectionate manner. After all, the early tallow tapers were in existence hundreds of years before the power of electricity was harnessed. Our founding fathers must have worked late into the night using the light these candles emitted. Romantic dinners by the billions have been inspired by the soft glow of candles, and even with the widespread use of light bulbs of every wattage imaginable, candles still are used in everyday life. Much more than just a decorative touch for the modern home, candles hold a special place in our history, and they continue to be a favorite means of lighting for many. Read below as we discuss how candles continue to be part of our human story.

• Whether you purchase your candles online at a site such as or you browse your local candle store for the newest in soy and wax candles, you can still find candles that are nearly identical to the ones our ancestors burned. Sure, technology has advanced, and the composition of candles has changed and expanded. What was once only available in tallow is now available in soy, wax blends and gel. Flameless candles give a safe glow without any fire at all, and the diversity of scents and scent strength is nearly overwhelming in scope. Still, the basic idea of a wick and light remains. You can still find tallow candles, light them, and imagine what life was like all those years ago, when there were no light switches to flip on and a shortage of candles meant an early bedtime for everyone.

• Candles continue to be a staple at special events. If you attend a wedding or commitment ceremony that does not somehow incorporate candles, it’s a surprise. From the unity candle that the bride and groom light to signify becoming one to the tapers that some bridesmaids carry down the aisle in lieu of flowers, candles are one of the most consistent wedding decorations. Candles add a sense of ambience that a simple dimming of the lights above cannot; with the subtle flickering and the warm light they exude, candles create a scene that is second-to-none.

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