Cloud backup Solutions for Your Mobile Workforce

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    Jul 09, 2014
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Cloud backup Solutions for Your Mobile Workforce Photo by Drew Fenway

Dealing with the issues of remote access and mobility is now the biggest challenge among businesses. Companies may issue their own mobile devices or employees may be required to bring their own devices (BYOD) to implement business backup and restore solutions.

The biggest concern in the successful implementation of backup and restoration solutions for mobile devices is the included risk factor. It is reported that about 60 million cell phones and smart phones are damaged, stolen or lost each year. In case any member of your efficient mobile work force loses his or her mobile device, the precious data stored in the phone would also be lost. This is why automated online cloud backup solution in Kansas City has become a necessity today.

The cloud remote backup in Kansas City could go beyond simply protecting your data against loss. The cloud backup solutions can additionally provide the following benefits to your mobile workforce:

Automatic Backup

Cloud services offer automatic backup; this means employees are no longer required to remain connected to the network or stay in the office to back up the data. Such facility is specifically useful for the mobile work force that generally conducts most of their work off-site.

Remote File Access

Remote access to the data stored in the cloud enables the mobile workforce to view, share or browse the data from any device that can be connected to the internet including laptops, tablets and smart phones.


Online cloud server backup services in Kansas City provide added security features to protect the data on mobile devices. The advanced security features include:

- Screen Locking – This feature locks the screen that can only be reopened with a personalized and unique PIN.
- Device Location – This feature identifies the mobile device location on a map in case it is stolen or lost.
- Destroy – In the events when the mobile device of a team member is either lost or stolen, the users can remotely destroy all the data on that device and reset it with factory settings.
- Capture – If any device is suspected to be stolen, the users can remotely activate the mobile device camera to capture a picture of the individual using the device.

All such advanced security features are only available with most expedient cloud backup service providers. In a current epoch where quick access to the required information can make or entirely break the organizational standing, it is imperative to implement automatic cloud backup solutions with added security.

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