What Kinds of References Indicate a Good Boston Bookkeeping Firm

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    Oct 14, 2012
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There has been a lot of attention paid to start-up businesses in this country in recent years. Huge successes like Facebook and Twitter have shown that small beginnings can become incredibly profitable quickly. And at the end of the day, that concept of profitability is what truly determines whether a company is successful or not. There is value in having brand awareness and a lot of users of a product, but at the end of the day if a company is making money, it really can’t be considered a success. For small business owners that dream of being the next Mark Zuckerberg, they must always remember this and then make decisions that ensure they give them the best chance of success. For residents in the Northeast, this means finding a good Boston bookkeeping firm to make sure that their funds are wisely managed and protected. To do that, finding ones with good references can give peace of mind to the harried new business owner.

Finding that right firm is part art and part science. It’s pretty critical to only work with Boston bookkeeping firms that have a good deal of experience. Working with one that doesn’t have enough experience will leave both of you learning on the fly while your money is at risk. That’s the kind of lack of foresight that can end up killing an otherwise well-designed business plan. From there, analysts say it’s critical to have someone that is used to the questions and problems that are common to start-ups. It is highly recommended that people find Boston bookkeeping firms that have at least several years of experience in working with start-ups. A lot of companies claim to have this, but it is also important to find Boston bookkeeping firms that have some personal references within the industry that your business is in. A new restaurateur is going to be looking for a Boston bookkeeping firm that has helped other new restaurants succeed through those first tricky years.

These references should also touch on how personable and customer service driven they are. The best Boston bookkeeping firms provide a service to their clients that are more valuable than just preparing tax returns. So many businesses fail because they overlook small details that they don’t think are important and reference checks can indicate if this is a common problem. When the business fails they chalk it up to the economy, but in a lot of ways it can be tied to mistakes that could’ve been avoided with the right Boston bookkeeping firm.

For the better part of a decade we’ve seen a recession that has made many people nervous about opening the business that they’ve been dreaming about for years. Nervousness and a lack of confidence is common, but that’s one of the key points that a good Boston bookkeeping firm should help allay. Choosing the right one is tricky, but by asking the right questions during a reference check a small business owner can avoid having to answer questions during an IRS audit.

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