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    Sep 23, 2012
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Starting a new business in New York City is a tense affair. Dealing with a crazy real estate market, unique transportation costs, and competition that is stiffer than anywhere else in the United States makes for an extremely tough, but potentially very rewarding business climate. For someone without financial training, adding balancing the books and dealing with complex tax laws to the mix makes it seem almost impossible to get a new business off the ground. Adding to the mix the worst recession since the Great Depression, makes the prospect of a start-up in New York City seem impossible. Good New York bookkeepers can allay a lot of these concerns and can truly help a new business thrive.

These New York bookkeepers are critical because so many new businesses wind up on the IRS’ radar. A good New York bookkeeper can help in the case of an audit, but more importantly they can usually help avoid the scenario all together. Finding a good New York bookkeeper that can help avoid these costly missteps is a difficult process in its own right. There are many accountants, all with differing specialties and experience, and new ones are joining the industry all the time. Even among experienced accountants, separating the ones that will save money from those that will end up costing a lot of money because of mistakes, is a daunting prospect.

Only considering those with relevant start up experience is a good idea. Too many bookkeepers focus on large corporate accounts because they tend to be more lucrative. Those accountants have good knowledge, but they may not have the time or customer service focus to properly work with someone just creating a start up. In these scenarios, a person setting up their first business will have many more questions and require significantly more guidance than a more experienced customer who only needs an accountant to balance books and file paperwork.

The flipside to the overqualified New York bookkeepers are the ones that are significantly under qualified ones. These include friends and family that have some experience with taxes, but aren’t ready to balance the books of a start-up. It can be tough to say no to someone that you have a personal relationship with, but making the wrong choice can doom a business to failure and that will do more to fracture a relationship than saying no upfront will. Regardless of who is chosen, it’s critical that a potential New York bookkeeper has multiple references, preferably those within the same industry, that speak to their competence and their level of interest in customer service. From there, it’s critical that a new business owner feel comfortable in being able to ask any question, regardless of how dumb it may seem on paper. A good New York bookkeeper is truly invested in their client’s success and should want to work with them to help grow the business. That’s why it’s so vitally important to only pick accountants that specialize in working with start ups and new businesses. Otherwise, the relationship won’t be a good fit and both sides will be frustrated.

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