How Boston Accounting Firms Can Quell the Fears of Start-ups

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    Oct 14, 2012
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For a new Boston business, the unknown can be a very scary place. A lot of people have to advance beyond their fields of expertise and that can be extremely challenging. Having a guide into these areas can be invaluable, but the best Boston accounting firms can provide advice and somewhat of a partner for moving forward. The recession has made jumping into a new business an even scarier proposition than it usually is. Everyday on the news, scary statistics present how often new businesses fail and that can only add to the trepidation. That said, a good Boston accounting firm can help allay those fears and guide through a lot of issues that arise. What’s tricky is finding the right Boston accounting firm for what the business is looking to accomplish.

A new business may not have a lot of experience so it’s critical that their accounting firm does. Dealing with the complex state and federal tax code is something that can only be mastered with time and experience. With time, a good Boston accounting firm can find areas where a new business can save money and that can be critical as it takes a lot of time to accrue new accounts. That said, experience alone isn’t a guarantee of success. A Boston accounting firm that has five years of experience in a specific industry could be much more valuable than a firm that has been around for 20 years working with different verticals. It’s also critical to find Boston accounting firms that have a lot of time supporting start-ups because the needs of a new business are so radically different than one that has been running for some time.

The interpersonal relationship between a client and firm is important. Having a good relationship is important because the best Boston accounting firms will be serving as a guide to their customers and if the client can trust the experienced firm they will be much more secure in working comfortably and taking that advice. That customer service aspect is often overlooked, but creating a harmonious relationship is critical to leading to success. The biggest and most experienced firms may not have the time or inclination to work with a small start-up that they don’t have a lot of time working together with. Finding good references that attest to their talent is important, but finding references that indicate they have strength in working with these start-ups is incredibly important.

Fortunately, the economy in Boston hasn’t been as bad as it has been elsewhere. That said, Boston has a lot of challenges for new business that make them comparable to the issues faced for new businesses in New York and other big cities. For start-ups, finding success can often come down to the ability to save money on taxes and early expenses. Bringing in revenue can be very tricky for a start-up, so any savings and guidance provided by a Boston accounting firm is extremely critical to survival. Competing with existing companies that have an established client base is difficult and advantages have to be fought for.

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