Introduction To The Biometric Enrollment Process

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    Jun 09, 2014
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Introduction To The Biometric Enrollment Process Photo by Arvind  Sharma

A passport is one of the most important documents that you will possess. It serves as an important form of identification and proof of residence. In order to safeguard this, and prevent identity and passport fraud, many countries are now introducing a number of procedures, one among which is the use of biometrics. By combining paper and electronics and making use of a microprocessor chip and an antenna embedded in the front or back cover, the critical information is stored in the passport by the chip. Many government agencies are now pushing citizens to go in for Biometrics Enrollment to safeguard their documents.

Biometric identification identifies an individual based on his/her distinguishing physiological and/or behavioural characteristics. By and large, the standardized levels that are employed for identification include facial recognition, fingerprint recognition and iris recognition. As these characteristics are distinctive to each and every person, biometric identification is more reliable and capable and helps in differentiating between an authorized and a fraudulent person. This data, in the form of an image, is then stored in the embedded chip. Depending on the country you hail from, citizens may have to go in for a completely new passport or get the chip integrated with their current document.

Biometrics Enrollment comes with quite a few benefits, though. It includes protection of data where an encoded chip placed inside the passport, making it difficult for anyone to copy the information.  It also makes identity theft that much more difficult. Also, many official bodies from different countries already have Biometrics enrollment services in place or are getting the Biometrics Enrollment Process placed in progress.

To avail Biometrics Enrollment services you will need to visit the relevant Ministry offices and submit your digital photographs as while also getting your biometrics scanned. Once processed, the Biometrics Process will store the collected data, via an inserted chip, into your passport. Biometrics Enrollment Services will vary from country to country but follows an approved method of data transfer in accordance to any local laws that may apply.

Many embassies and consulates also outsource their consular services. i.e., apart from official channels, one can also go visit various visa and passport outsourcing firms to help with their Biometrics enrollment process. It is important, though, to ensure that these firms have all their procedures are well approved and certified with the consulate of your country.

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