Physical Document Management Services versus Electronic Document Management Services

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    Jul 12, 2014
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Physical Document Management Services versus Electronic Document Management Services Photo by Arvind  Sharma

In the application for visa or a passport there is always a documentation process. Traditionally, one had to submit physical documents of identity proof like address proof, photographs, attested copies and letters. With today’s world and technology, this burden of this process has greatly reduced. The electronic document management process uses a digital format to process and document all the data from the individual’s documents. In this article, we mention the difference between the physical documentation services and the electronic document management services.

• No limitations to access

With the electronic document management services, your document’s data is stored on a database that can be accessed via a connected network. With the right level of authorization, any individual can bring up certain documents with just a click of a button. Easy access ensures faster sharing and retrieval from a paperless database. However, with the physical documentation, there is a need for the paper documents to passed or couriered from one place to another. This process can take anywhere between days to weeks and is also restricted by the geographical limitations.

• Easy searching and categorizing

With the Electronic Document Management Process you can store all the data in any series, be it alphabetical, serial number or any other type of preference. You can easily access any information just by typing a single word or a single name. The options here are numerous. You can also search for specific documents with multiple choices like age, gender, nationality etc. with the physical documentation process; you will be forced to go through the whole documents just to search for the one you want. The means to categorize this data is not only limiting, but also takes up a lot of time and space. The more data you have to document, the more tedious the job becomes.

• Better security

Recorded data can be misused or used for wrong purposed. With the electronic data management process, this data can be secured easily either with a pin code or password that can be accessed by certain individuals or a high level of authorization.  This data also can be encrypted by certain methods and can be decrypted by a different process or a code, thus securing the data thoroughly. With the physical documentation process, it is either kept in large rooms, or filing cabinets that can be easily accessed by anybody, and can easily be damaged too.

This documentation process is an important part of the visa and passport application and approval. Many a times, these documents need to be used repeatedly for any new application. Thus in order to save time and resources, the electronic documents management services prove to be very beneficial.

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Arvind Sharma is an employee of Cox and Kings Global Services and has an extensive knowledge on visa and visa related services. He ensures that travellers are well versed in the details of the international standards of Electronic Document Management Services and Electronic Document Management Process

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