When Is The Best Time To Visit Dubai For Indians?

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    Jul 11, 2014
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When Is The Best Time To Visit Dubai For Indians? Photo by Isha Yama

Dubai is a city full of endless opportunities, and many a time, countless citizens from around the world flock to this lively city for many reasons. You will find that during some periods of the year, the city is overfull with individuals from all over the world. Here we tell you the best time to visit the city of Dubai and how to get there with a Dubai Visa for Indians.

Season time
April to October is the season where the summer heat is at its peak. These summer months are really hot and humid and making it impossible to explore outside. However, most malls and stores and air conditioned therefore it may not pose as a big problem. Dubai is famous for its shopping and ambiance, therefore the best time to visit Dubai is during the winter months, from November to April. The weather is pleasant and suited for all kinds of outdoor activities. The much loved Dubai Shopping festival is held during the month of January to February and this is when the city is brimming, especially with Indian citizens. Since this is the peak season, most hotel and airfares tend to be booked. Thus if you want to visit during this time, you need to book you Dubai visa well in advance.

How to get there
First you will need to apply for a UAE visa. Applying for this visa is very simple and does not require much work. All you need to ensure that your emirates visa is applicable 2 weeks before your flight date.

Step 1: understanding your visa type
Each visa type is different. If you are travelling for shopping and tourism, you can apply for the Tourist Dubai visa. Download the UAE visa application form from online and fill out the relevant details. You can apply for the 14 day Emirates visa or the 30 day one. Once you have the form filled you will need to submit it with your documents

Step 2: documents needed
The documents for the Dubai visa for Indians are as follows:
• Passport with more than 6 months of validity from travel date
• Flight ticket and hotel bookings
• Photographs
• Covering letter
• Dubai Tourist Visa Application form
• Bank statement
• Income tax returns
You can book an UAE airline or a UAE hotel, and they will mostly sponsor your Dubai visa for you.

Step 3: Submission
Submit all the necessary documents and application form and wait for a few days for the approval. The emirates visa does not take more than 3 days for approval. The fees for the dubai visa for Indians is 210 UAE Dirham. You can track your UAE visa application online and be alerted easily when you get the approval.

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Isha Yama is an employee of Cox and Kings Global Services. She contributes information on how to apply for UAE visa in four simple steps. She also explains in detail the best time to apply for Dubai visa for Indians.

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