The Stunning Truth of Free Online Psychic Reading

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    Sep 25, 2012
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Psychic readings have become many people’s best friend because it also acts like one especially when you need help or enlightenment. In fact, if you are faced with a problem that is very personal and confidential and you do not want anyone close to you to know or anyone else to know, it is the best thing to come to as a psychic will definitely help you while keeping your secret a secret.

There are many forms of psychic readings and these include email psychic reading, chat psychic reading, SMS psychic reading and phone psychic reading. But growing most popularly is the online psychic reading which includes email and chat readings.

What is the truth about this form of reading? There are many people who either believe it or dislike it. So for you to know and make up your mind, here are some stunning truths about the subject.

1. There are existing scam readings. When availing online readings, you are exposing yourself to scams because there is really no regulation in the internet world. Anyone can just create a website and then pretend to be psychics while stripping you off your money. You have to be careful with these people because all they will tell you are lies and if you start to believe them, then they would not stop until they have taken everything from you.

2. There are times, especially when the psychic reading is free of charge, when they get your readings from an automated machine. The readings are general and for everybody which makes it not accurate.

3. There are also chat rooms that are free of charge wherein you will be chatting with a psychic. The truth is that many of these psychics are actually only practicing ones and that they are still trying out their skills on you. In short, you are their guinea pig.

4. It does not mean that since the psychic online does not show her face, she is already less accurate than those you see on TV. The truth is that many of those who appear in TV programs or have radio programs for psychics are the same people who have internet websites to promote their services.

5. Psychics do not undergo formal schooling for their craft. Consequently, they do not become genuine psychics by taking an exam. They learn and master their craft with practice and application.

6. Even if they say that it is a free online psychic reading by an online psychic, there is still a portion there that deals with money. This is because they only usually give the first three minutes of the reading for free but since this time is too short for a good reading, you will be enticed to continue wherein you will already be charged their normal rate. Even so, you will want to come back in the future for another reading.

So there you go. If you understand fully the aforementioned truths, then make the decision yourself.

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