Romance in Paintings: Top 5 Romance Paintings of the Modern Era

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    Mar 19, 2013
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Romance in Paintings: Top 5 Romance Paintings of the Modern Era Photo by Amanda Eck

Love has always found expression in the works of an artist. Whether in poems or in paintings, this mystified feeling which every person goes through has been depicted in countless works over generations! Both ancient and modern art has thrived on romance & romanticism.

Here is a selection of 5 such paintings which has redefined romance and scripted a true tale of love on canvas:

1. The Lovers (by Pablo Picasso): ‘The Lovers’ is one of the masterpieces by the 20th century genius Picasso. The painting embraces romance in both subtle and erotic forms. While, there is nothing overtly sexual in the painting, there is a hint of eroticism as two lovers get touchy-feely with each other. The expressions on their faces are worth thousands of words. There is shyness, suppressed excitement, anticipation and even meek submission.

2. The Promenade (by Pierre-Auguste Renoir): ‘The Promenade’ is truly marvelous. It shows a young maiden reaching out to hold the hand of her lover, a tall handsome man. The painting beautifully captures the face of the lady who seems to be brimming with joy and thrill. The scene is set amidst foliage and trees. There is a hint that the girl may be eloping with her man, or just getting playful!

3. The Kiss (by Gustav Klimt): Gustav Klimt is a very prominent name in the elite list of modern day painters. He was a master of the art of depicting femininity. With an effortless ease, he could paint pictures with restrained or even overt sexuality. His masterpiece ‘The Kiss’ is counted amongst the best romance paintings of all times. The painting depicts a man and a woman in a deeply intimate position. They are almost entwined to each other as their lips are sealed in a kiss. Klimt has masterfully clothed them with gold and flowers which seem to be symbolizing masculine power and seductive feminism respectively.

4. Dance Me To The End of Love (by Jack Vettriano): Jack Vettriano is a highly accomplished and renowned painter of the 20th century. His work titled ‘Dance Me To The End of Love’ is the ultimate sage of romance. It is almost ethereal in its setting with ladies waltzing in the arms of tuxedo-clad gentlemen in some ballroom. But the atmosphere seems one borrowed from heaven! The touchup with a distant source of light adds an element of mysticism to the painting making it one of the finest pieces of modern art.

5. Adam and Eve (by Tamara de Lempicka): ‘Adam and Eve’ is a highly sexualized love painting wherein Adam and Eve are making love to each other in their full nakedness. And there is also an apple Eve is staring at!

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