The Wild Ride of Rajasthan

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    Jun 08, 2014
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The Wild Ride of Rajasthan Photo by Ninad Chaudhari

Rajasthan is known for their historic tour packages. The warriors are brave. the palaces and forts are incredible. The deserts and cities carry a footprint of the legends. Rajasthan thrives on the honour and the legacy of its Maharanas and Ranas. But, it has its fun and wild side too, which is simply divine for wildlife tour packages. The wilderness of this state is so engaging. You must check it out on your next Rajasthan travel package.

Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary; Bharatpur:

It was formerly known as Bharatpur National Park. But, today, Keoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary boosts such a phenomenal range of feathered creatures that you will be surprised. Spanish Sparrow, Coot Snipes, Rosy Pelican, Flamingo, Red Crested Porhard and the Siberian cranes flock, the park has it all. With 400 types of birds, Spotted Deer, Sambhars, Pythons, Blue Bull, Black Buck, Jackals and Monitor Lizards, you will be enjoy exploring the wilderness for sure. 

Ranthambore National Park; Ranthambore:

The vast terrain of 392 km of this national park has slopes, hills, steep ridges, hillocks, pebbly ravines and flat valleys.  Yet the several tigers sprawling the expanse of this national park demonstrate the finest tiger conservation. That’s not all. Ranthambore national park has engaging footprint of the history too. Visit the remnants of Rhantambore fort and catch the glimpse of the wild animals. Explore the exotic as well as migratory birds of the world. However, the wild life lovers visit this Mecca of tiger habitation to witness this elegant and dangerous tiger.  So, pay a visit to this royal national park in your upcoming Rajasthan travel package. 

Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary; Kumbhalgarh:

Imagine a 600 sq. kilometre for jungle at altitude of 500 to1300 meters. This huge expanse is filled with an array of flora and fauna. Amidst the monsoon, it flourishes with lush greenery. Otherwise, this craggy region of Aravali has the most endangered species like cheetah, nilgai, sambar, and leopard.  Take a walk and you can discover gray pigeons, bulbus, gray jungle fowls, golden orioles, parakeets, red spur owls, and peacocks too.

Sariska National Park; Sariska:

Located near Aravali Mountains, this is a huge national park with 850 square kilometre of region. However, the pride of the region is the core arena of 450 square kilometres that still retains it natural essence and beauty. The diverse mixture of several species of animals and birds in this sanctuary is worth the visit.

So, love the royal and wild side of Rajasthan and bow in front of the tigers and wild beauty of this state.

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Ninad Chaudari recently travelled to Rajasthan and explored local sightseeing, adventure activities, food and hotels. On his Cox & King special Rajasthan travel package, he had some unforgettable travel experiences. He believes, the best way to enjoy the tour package in India is to live in the moment and relish it all.

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