Girl's Night In With a Twist

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    Nov 21, 2013
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Girl’s night out used to be the highlight of the weekend when we were single, didn’t it? We’d get dressed to the nines, hit the hottest spots in town, and stay out til the sun came up. Now that we have kids, jobs, and homes to juggle, we may need some down time with our girls more than ever, but a girl’s night in might be a little more realistic than a girl’s night out.

Let’s face it, trying to find a time where everyone can get dressed up and stay out all night is nearly impossible.  But we can all break away for a few hours of hang out time once the kids are in bed every once in a while. If you’re looking to host a girl’s night in, you’ll have a lot more fun if you add some fun twists.

Something Fun to Do

As you’re planning the evening’s activities, the first thing that probably came to mind was to rent a couple of chick flicks and pop some popcorn. Right? But there’s a better way. The most therapeutic aspect of a girl’s night is everyone being able to chat and laugh over their common experiences. If you put on a movie, either everyone's going to watch it and not be able to talk, or (more likely) they’re going to talk over it and not see it anyway.

Instead of the old standby, try planning an activity that everyone can get involved in, and that encourages conversation and participation. Put a fun twist on the stereotypical “makeover” night by introducing a new beauty trend and letting everyone give it a try. Some ideas would be making a sock bun, or doing glitter gel nails. One fun activity is all you really need, since the rest of the night will easily fill up with laughing, talking, and eating.

Something Sweet to Eat

Whether you prepare the refreshments yourself ahead of time, or wait until the girls arrive and let everyone help out, you’re going to need some sweet munchies for the perfect girl’s night in. Choosing something out of the ordinary will pique everyone’s interest and set your party apart. For adult get together’s, cocktail inspired cakes are fun and easy. These delicious desserts can be served in martini or cocktail glasses and topped with tasty details. Trust us, cocktail cakes really help to keep the party going.

Something Good to Drink

Another way that you can turn serving refreshments into a fun activity is by letting everyone mix their own drinks. Set up an open drink bar where the girls can share their favorite recipes with each other. If footing the bill for all of the alcohol isn't in your budget, ask each guest to bring their favorite wine or spirits with them to the party. Be sure to have some fancy non-alcoholic options on-hand too, so that any of your friends who may be expecting won’t feel left out.

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