Enterprise CMS Delivers Social Intranets

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    Nov 06, 2012
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Content management has an essential role to play in any project which involves social interactions. Though enterprise CMS does not have magic potions for business, there are a number social intranets which brings highly collaborative experiences that connect people to each other through documents and applications.

While enterprise social capabilities are a must, a practical intranet implementation should integrate enterprise CMS features such as web pages, documents, images, videos, etc. for blogs, groups and forums. This involves workflows, roles, permissions, personalization, revisions, and analytics. 

Many companies are thinking of implementing social communication channels and technologies into the business. This can be complicated or a probably overwhelming idea. In order to dive into a deeper social perspective let us consider social technology fairly straightforward. Social intranet delivers a dynamic online enterprise social environment that empowers employees to create social communities and improve interactions. It enables organizations to build intranets integrated with powerful social capabilities.

The integrated corporate social content management system allows endless possibilities for employees to collaborate and communicate better through website, portals, chat, notifications, intranets, online communities, groups, forums, social networks, ecommerce, directories, polls and surveys. The native content integration to enterprise CMS includes apps, workflows and messages. This provides organizations with a single content repository that includes documents and marketing collaterals which aims to improve customer engagement.

Enterprise CMS brings new social capabilities that include social groups to collaborate on targeted conversations on new projects, product ideas, etc. The integration of calendar feature on pages allows companies to focus on activities, deadlines and resources. Users can create specific projects for team members to communicate and monitor business processes. It allows users to add To-do lists, calendar, news, RSS feeds and more. Enterprise CMS brings cloud integration, which can be hosted on a public or private cloud. Enterprise CMS comes with strategies and tools that enable companies to manage website, portal, intranet, mobile, ecommerce, learning, training, marketing and social collaboration on a single platform. It enhances user experience through its UI, and other attractive features such as document editing, search, and a powerful repository.

Enterprise CMS with compatible social intranets significantly improves communication in a collaborative environment. It will provide security, flexibility and control in the system as well as drastically cut down costs and improve brands in exciting ways. Enterprise social intranet leverages the right strategy, tools and technology to scale with the business requirements and improve the effectiveness at a much higher return on investment. Integration of social functionality such as document management, digital asset management, records management and event management combined with news streams, blogs, and contacts provide an engaging two-way communication in a real-time collaborative environment for enterprises.

Enterprise Drupal revitalized with social intranets provides, flexibility and support for business processes. The bottoms-up approach has benefited employees when organizations have embraced the social software into their system. The huge popularity of Face book combined with the patronage of the workforce has prompted companies to start a dedicated face book site apart from employees forming their own Face book site for improving social communication. There are a number of business benefits for implementing social intranets for enterprises which include:

  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced costs
  • Enhanced internal communication
  • Motivated employees and improved morale
  • Enhanced online collaboration
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Improved employee engagement 

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