Enterprise CMS Predictions for 2013

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    Jan 09, 2013
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Enterprise content management witnessed a stupendous growth and development in 2012 and the New Year 2013 promises to be more fulfilling and the landscape is poised to move further. The ECM market is poised for a rapid growth rate of 15 percent over the next four years from US$ 4.4 billion in last year to more than US$ 7.5 billion in 2016. So, there are going to be more surprising changes in the ECM scenario even as we enter into the New Year.

Social CMS

The integration of Enterprise Social media is interesting and its adoption by companies in 2013 remains to be seen though there is a lot of hype surrounding social media for business. The value-based requirement of an independent social media platform for business is debatable. The interest in social ECM is bound to wane as it is widely perceived that many social features are found redundant. Many companies feel that instead of erecting a separate platform, social media features can be effectively integrated into business apps and provide better connectivity and engagement with employees, customers, vendors and other stakeholders. Companies will be looking for built-in social enterprise layers offering more scalability and security. Social media channel will be diffused in core business areas to improve productivity.


Mobile-first ECM

A mobile-first Enterprise CMS allows sharing and synchronization of content in any device.  Last year, enterprises were supported with mobile user experience for accessing content on the go, anywhere and anytime, adhering to the corporate content policies. With the fast adoption of tablets, enterprises are evolving from pure content consumption to content creation devices that suit their business requirements and improve their return on investment.

With the invasion of disruptive technologies in mobile application development, enterprises are leveraging mobile strategy to develop apps for smartphones and tablets such as iPhone, Android and Blackberry using native, hybrid and HTML5 technologies, providing a device-independent solution for their mission-critical services. 

Mobile solutions

Enterprise CMS leverages open source technologies to provide cost effective enterprise mobile solutions that meet the unique business requirements.  Enterprise apps provide the mobile consumer engagement cutting across various industries such as retail, insurance, engineering, medical, etc.  The mobile frameworks are customized keeping in view of the unique business needs such as the complexity and security of the business systems.

Cloud relevance

There are so many cloud providers which are gaining huge market share in 2012, which forced many leading tech companies to fight back. This trend will be evident this year as well, with ECM vendors trying to push their way to cloud connectivity. When the enterprise capabilities are fully leveraged, the demand for cloud will subside since cloud-only systems won’t be enough.

In 2013, Companies are oriented to open source cloud-based tools and apps to access from devices which allow them to share information and be more productive. Companies are not only equipped with devices for their workforce, but also extend their capabilities to sync products in the cloud and on-premises. In 2013, enterprises will focus on managing content from anywhere on any device.

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