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    Nov 05, 2012
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Kerala is a famous state in South India that is very well known for a lot of things, one among them being its tourist places. A large number of tourists visit Kerala each year.

One amongst the famous places in Kerala is Thekkady. It is India’s largest wildlife sanctuary and a dream destination for wildlife lovers. One of the major tourist attractions on the Thekkady tour is the 120 year old ‘Surki’ dam that is built across Periyar. The sanctuary covers an area of 777 sq kms and is surrounded by an artificial lake covering an area of 25 sq kms. Thekkady is India’s sole Tiger Reserve. Its bountiful treasure of tropical flora and fauna is a habitat of many endangered species and has a rich tribal culture.

Periyar Wildlife sanctuary is another very famous place in Thekkady. It is one of the best places to observe wildlife and is a heaven for nature lovers. The months of March, April and May is the best time to visit the animals. The other attractions in this place are boating, trekking, and elephant riding. While boating through the Placid Lake one gets to observe wild life very closely.

The sanctuary consists of four different categories of vegetation. The first is the open grasslands studded with fire-resistant vegetation and a variety of grasses. The second is the deciduous forest type which includes trees like teak and Terminalia which shed their leaves seasonally. The next is the semi-evergreen forest that is close to the tropical forests and wet, stream areas. The Shola or the tropical evergreen jungle constitutes the dense forest that allows only little light to penetrate in its dark and moist corridors.

One very beautiful place in Kerala is the Hill Station of Wayanad. It is situated about 700 to 2100 meters above sea level. It is a hilly area and has many tourist sites. One of the famous tourist places is the Glass temple of Kottamunda, which is a Jain temple. It is situated on the slopes of Vellarimala. The temple has mirrors on the walls that reflect the images of icons in the temple’s sanctum sanctorum. Another marvel of architecture is the Thirunelly Temple that situated on the hills. The shrine is surrounded by 30 granite columns. Papanashini River surrounds the temple and adds more beauty to it.

Pookot Lake which is a natural freshwater lake is another famous tourist spot. This lake is surrounded by hills and meadows and thus is a perfect picnic spot. One can have a nice time by taking a relaxing boat ride or a fishing expedition.

Soojipura falls is yet another tourist spot. They are an endless, fascinating, natural splendor amidst dark and deep woods.Kuruva islands are also frequented by tourists. It covers an area of 950 acres of evergreen forest. It is surrounded by the Kabini river and is inhabited by a variety of animals and birds.Lakkidi, which is one of the greatest attractions of Wayanad, is marked by cascading hills, cascading streams and dense vegetation. It is one of the highest points at 700 mts above sea level.

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