What to Pack for Your Tallahassee Camping Trip

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    Dec 22, 2012
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Have the best camping trip possible by making a thorough list of supplies for your Tallahassee camping trip before you head out. The old boy scout adage “Be prepared” definitely applies to every excursion on Tallahassee soil, and by following this sound advice, you’ll have the best trip possible. Read below as we list the packing supplies you’ll need to amass, and try to research the area by reading travel tips on a site such as http://www.VisitTallahassee.com.

The list of what to pack for your Tallahassee camping trip includes:

- Plenty of non-perishable food, as well as a suitable supply of water to last you a few days more than you expect to explore Tallahassee. Of course, this tip only really applies to those campers who are practically living off the land; if your idea of Tallahassee camping involves an air-conditioning motor home, running water and a working toilet, you likely also have a wonderful refrigerator in which you can stock plenty of perishables. For those Tallahassee visitors who have no access to refrigeration, “Meals Ready to Eat” or “MREs” for short, are a great idea. They pack easily and are rehydrated with just a small amount of water.

- Bug spray that contains DEET should be front and center in your knapsack. Don’t mess around with those Tallahassee mosquitoes. Lessen your chance of contracting the West Nile virus by finding a mosquito spray that contains a good amount of DEET, and reapply as needed.

- Decent socks and a good pair of hiking boots are a must. Unless your idea of a Tallahassee camping trip involves being stationary, you’re likely going to get out on the land and explore. Wearing your boots for a week or more before your actual trip is a sound idea, as it will lessen the chance of blisters. It’s wise to take your socks for a trial run too. Keep yourself as comfortable as possible so that you can focus all your attention on the splendor of Tallahassee.

- Don’t forget that guidebook and those maps. Unless you’re really roughing it, plan to have a fully charged cell phone with you as well. Aside from offering a good means of communication in case of emergency, you can download a compass application to keep you on the right track.

Enjoy your Tallahassee camping trip secure in the knowledge that you are fully prepared to take on anything that happens during your excursion.

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