Teen Pregnancy

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    Sep 06, 2012
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I would like to share with you my experience with teenage pregnancy. The way it changed the coarse of my life, and the tough decisions that came with the repercussion of having unprotected sex at such a young age. It wasn't that my mom didn't teach me about the consequence of sex or how to protect myself. It was that I didn't think they would happen to me. I was so ready to grow up that I never stopped to think that I would have to live with the decisions that I made.

When I was 14 I looked and acted as if I were 20, this put me in a lot of situations that I wasn't prepared for. My very first real love was an 18 year old that I met at the mall during the summer vacation before my freshman year in high school. He was a senor and played football at another school. He had a good job and a nice car and was planning to go play for a well known university. I met him through another friend and he didn't ask me for my number or really seem interested in me but the next day he called me up and explained that he was shy and didn't think I would like him. That made no sense he was gorgeous. Anyway, we talked for a few weeks on the phone and decided we wanted to be a couple. He was way too old for me. I lied to my parents and said he was 16 and he lied to his and said I was 16. I worked and we started dating. My parents would let him pick me up and he had to bring me home by 10:30 that gave us 4hrs to have sex and that's just what we did. It worked out well and we were in love till school started. I was now in high school and he was a senor he had football, school work and his job. Eventually I became interested in someone else because I could see him in school everyday. I broke up with him and started dating the other guy. Biggest mistake of my life. It hurt him so bad. I was way too young for him to get involved with and it took him a very long time to get over me.

Not long after I talked to the new guy we had sex, then a week later I was sick every morning. There was like a week in between the sex with both guys so when I found out I was pregnant I was scared to death. It was bad enough that I was 15 and going to have a baby but I was not sure which one was the father. My parents were already so mad and my ex was so mad because I broke up with him I went with the new guy that seemed to be thrilled he was going to be a dad. My whole life felt like it was over. Friends didn't want to hang out with me anymore and my baby's daddy was so mean to me and he cheated on me as often as he could. My pregnancy was so horrible. The changes that your body goes through are unbelievable. Not to mention very painful. I went into labor 3 months early. The doctors tried to stop it but couldn't. They tried to prepare me for the worst, they baby may be too small to survive, he won't have fingernails, hair or eyebrows. He won't be able to suck on a bottle and will have to be feed through a tube. His lungs are not fully developed so we have to give you a shot and try to prolong the labor. This shot gave me Pneumonia and almost killed me so you can imagine what my parents were going through. I had my son 28 hrs after the labor started.  He was 3 lbs and 2 oz. Other than his low birth weight and the fact he couldn't suck a bottle he was perfect.

He stayed at the hospital for 2 months then he got to come home. I went back to school the next year. Me and his father ar the one I claimed to be his father were no longer together. Best decision I ever made to this day. Life was very hard, I was growing up with a baby. I will not say that I regret keeping him lord knows I had other options like adoption or abortion but in my mind those were not options this was my baby and I was keeping him. Last may he graduated high school, the proudest day ever! If I had it to do all over again the only thing I would have done different is let my first boyfriend have the chance to see if the baby was his. Throughout the years I could look at my son and I could see the other guy in him but I never said a word until one day my father said " I'm not trying to upset you or anyone else but have you ever wondered why he is so tall? No one on our side or his dad's side is tall like that" My son at 16 was 6'3 that's when my dad said I think he belongs to the guy you swore you never had sex with and you need to find out for sure who his dad is.

I told my son about this and he took it a lot better than I thought. I'm sure the fact that his dad was a looser and a jerk. One day I got a message on Facebook, It was my first love asking me if I remembered him. We started talking on Facebook and then on the phone. He was curious about the boy he saw in picture on my status updates and wanted to know if I thought he could be his son. I right away said that I never had a DNA and yes he could and probably is his son. He drove 4 hrs the next day to meet us and have the test done. That day was the worst, I was scared for my son. I had not seen this man in 20 years. Every thing went well we spent the weekend together and he went back home we got the test back and he was not his. How devastating, we both wanted so bad for him to be the father. He came back into town and took me out, he told me it didn't matter if he was not the father, he wanted to be his dad. He understood that he was grown up but he loved me, he never got over me and wanted nothing more than to have a family with me. Neither of us had ever been married and I thought after all those years that was strange here we are 20 years later dating each other.

The next weekend after church he was getting ready to drive back home he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said yes we have been engaged for a little over a year and I finally feel complete. We are going to get to have our happily ever after.

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