Best Quality Digital Reproduction - HDMI Splitter 1x8 3D 1080P

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    Jan 11, 2013
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You can now save a lot of trouble and money by relying on some of the best devices available in the market like the HDMI Splitter 1x8 3D 1080P. Its primary function is to relay single HDMI signal to eight identical outputs all at the same time with zero quality loss and no distortions whatsoever. Moreover, it is user friendly (just plug and play) and is loaded with sophisticated technology making it immensely capable of supporting advanced features in any equipment. In addition, it supports high resolutions of 1080P, 3D, HDCP, LPCM, True HD, among others. It is perfect for show sites, business centers, casinos, training facilities, classrooms, multi conference rooms, etc. So, homes or businesses with multiple HDMI devices can take advantage of this great device, without any requirement for special software or complicated drivers to run. It not only saves space, but also energy and time required to set it up making your life smarter.

Another high definition and heavy performance smart device available now is the new Mini HDMI Switcher 3x1 with IR&Remote 3D. So now switching safely between several HDMI sources is a cinch and the switcher responds instantly when the source device’s power is turned on. It is greatly compatible for HD DVD, Xbox 360, and PS3 among many others. It comes with a remote control and supports resolution up to 1080p, compressed audio such as Dolby digital, and more. The latest compact designs available for this model are convenient and perform with good functionality, saving you space and money. It is automatic video signal shift at its best!

With the revolutionary 3D technology right at the heart of the entertainment, owning 3D Universal Active TV glasses is a must these days. The best thing is it supports all top TV brands: Samsung/Sharp/LG/Sony/Philips among others. Nowadays, you can get such glasses with built in rechargeable battery making it convenient and at the same time light weight. A three hour charge can deliver from 50-80 hours of active usage! And it is greatly energy efficient, as it is equipped with an automatic power off ability. These glasses are equipped with swift response time, top transmission lenses and the latest LCD shutter technology. So images will appear much brighter, sharper, and things come alive instantly when you sport the 3D Universal Active TV glasses! So now you can take your movie and gaming experience to the next level with these ready to use glasses.

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