Penny Picks Forecast Its the Right Time for Penny Stocks Trading!

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    Oct 30, 2013
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Penny Picks Forecast Its the Right Time for Penny Stocks Trading! Photo by Jeff  Mirkin

We hope you've had a fantastic weekend because we forecast that the new week will bring you even more joy with huge profit potential. Last week the day traders had it good with swings from $.02 to $.068 with possibility to gain 300% or more.

We post a new penny picks forecast each week. Full research on each penny pick is always done by our penny picks forecast team. Our penny picks are not pumped Analysis of OTCBB Stocks or shell companies or hyped schemes. These are not thinly traded stocks - they are real 'live wire' companies. Each is either already profitable or on the verge of reaching profitability. So read with confidence that our penny picks forecast team has done its job well.

Our "poster boy" alert for this week's penny picks forecast is Unisource Corp. (USRC)

Unisource Corp specializes in what is known as the "Cloud Technology" (said to be annually worth US Billion+). Unisource Corp currently owns roughly 75% of Visionship, Inc. Visionship, Inc created the "VisionShip" software and is also a 'think tank' for Mobile Supply Chain Applications. Visionship's speciality is that they market applications that are true SaaS i.e. paper free supply chain apps. They achieve this by converting client documents and forms into interactive PDF documents. These forms are also iPad and tablet PC friendly and have the ability to capture digital signatures and handwritten notes (via handwriting recognition software). Completed forms can be emailed or uploaded to the Visionvault searchable database located on a cloud server. No more paper! Unisource Corp and Visionship Inc are therefore perfectly made for each other and our internal penny stock forecast teams feels the future for both is especially bright.

Why is our Penny Stocks Update forecast team gung-ho on Unisource Corp - Visionship Inc partnership?

Our penny picks forecast team is gung-ho on these two for all the reasons mentioned earlier and also the fact that Visionship is to shortly announce the release of the all new Visionship supply chain apps. Our penny picks forecast team say that this will only further fuel the demand for these apps.

The market outlook is definitely bright as these apps not only deliver on efficiency they also bring in substantial cost reduction which would obviously translate to higher profits.

Our penny picks forecast team says that the supply chain execution software spending for 2013 will exceed $2 billion of which, 18% will be spent on cloud based solutions. Rather than having multiple data storage all over, cloud based solution has one single database that is accessed over the net. This means all those who are authorized to access the data, see the same information in real time. No more waiting for updates!

Excited? You should be - Unisource Corp closed this week at $.36 after witnessing extremely bullish trend with 52-week range between $.035 and $1.84.

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