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    Nov 19, 2013
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Highly Rated Penny Stocks Photo by Jeff  Mirkin

NHUR (Northumberland Resources) is running a very bullish reversal trend and closed another session with trading ending up 3% at $0.106 indicating a very bullish reversal trend is in play. Earlier Northumberland Resources was hammered heavy due to falling oil prices. NHUR steadied itself and is now rising again.

However, there's a little sting here; our investigations reveal that NHUR is definitely in the oversold territory. This week and next oil prices are expected to make a recovery and we should see the NHUR stock reach for the stars!

Our free penny stock picks experts point out that Northumberland Resources is a conservative, well focused company that is averse to taking unnecessary risks in the field of oil and gas exploration. It has a focused strategy of building a substantial portfolio in oil and gas assets.

The conservative team at Northumberland will only exploit projects that can deliver immediate cash follows with minimal exposure to risk. Their strength obviously lies in the lab test results and a level-headed approach to business; two points that will see them roar to success. In fact, their CEO recently said "We are building a future of sustained prosperity for our shareholders through our exceptional oil and gas project portfolio and a dedicated management team."

Wind Works Power Corp WWPW - 150 Megawatt Thunder!

Wind Works Power Corp. Is on a new track - that of building viable and long-term sustainable relationships with large, financially stable energy companies. Needless to say, this can only spell financial success to the Wind Works Power Corp. bottom line. Long term agreements and contracts also enable future planning and growth strategies something that investors love.

Wind Works Power Corp. recently secured two important permits for their 150 MW Thunder Spirit power project in North Dakota. This coming on top of the Interconnect Agreement will boost the company prospects. All they now need to add is Power Purchase Agreement(s) and this is where the long term agreements will come in.

E-Waste Systems Inc (OTCMKTS:EWSI)

In the 4-month period of June to September, E-Waste Systems Inc registered an impressive 60% increase quarter-over-quarter to reach $4.5 million in revenues. People in the know gleefully claim that the next quarter results will be even more impressive. In fact, they claim that the company is targeting revenues to the tune of $6 million which means that total revenues for this year would probably cross $12 million.

OTG Basket

Based on shares traded, a couple of Heavily Exchanged Penny Stocks might be worth keeping an eye on. These are Global Earth Energy Inc (OTCMKTS:GLER) and Life Stem Genetics Inc (OTCBB:LIFS).

Our pick of highly rated stocks include:

Equity                                                                                                 Rating
BIIB            BIOGEN IDEC INC                                                           A
AMGN        AMGEN INC                                                                       A
GILD          GILEAD SCIENCES INC                                                 A-
UTHR        UNITED THERAPEUTICS CORP                                  A-
GENT        GENTIUM SPA –ADR                                                       B+
MYGN        MYRIAD GENETICS INC                                                 B
LGND        LIGAND PHARMACEUTICAL INC                                 B
PDLI          PDL BIOPHARMA INC                                                     B
CBPO       CHINA BIOLOGIC PRODUCTS INC                              B
EBS           EMERGENT BIOSOLUTIONS INC                                 B

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