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    Aug 11, 2014
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Made up of more than thousand islands, Croatia is a stunning country located in the European continent. The pristine water bodies in this country have a lot more to offer than just scenic beauty. On your holiday in Croatia, you can either sit back and relax on the sea shores and spend lazy days just sun bathing and getting tanned.  Or, you can choose to be more adventurous and get set to explore the sailing activities.
People from all over the world visit Croatia to experience sailing in the calm waters at this place. If you are an experienced sailor, it is highly recommended that you sail on the Adriatic coast. Here on your journey, you will get a mix of both – short distance travels and frequent stopovers; and longer journeys with no major stops on the way.
A sailing expedition in Croatia is worth more than any other materialistic sense of joy. What you experience while during your sailing holidays in Croatia is pure bliss, and cannot be appropriately described in words. This is something you must experience first-hand. You are sure to instantly fall in love with this place after your very first visit!
If you are travelling with your family, it is better that you take a Croatia sailing charter. A good Croatia charter will be well equipped with modern marinas, striking harbours, and secluded ports. You can spend quality and personal time with your families without the worry about being disturbed. You won’t even get to see several tourists flocking around and you can enjoy a peaceful vacation with your loved ones.
For an ideal Croatian sailing trip you should go at a time when the wind and weather conditions are not too harsh. The best days to sail are the summer and spring months. You must also do a lot of ground research before setting to sail. If you are well informed, this will also aid you in negotiating better at the time of renting a marina. The price range could vary depending on whether the renting company is providing hauling, storing, and other services.
The best part is that you don’t even have to worry about finances. Croatian sailing tours, as against popular belief can be very affordable. There are tours falling into all budget brackets. So if you are a group of friends and are looking for an economical adventure trip, or if you are a family and can afford something more expensive – there is something for everyone. You just have to choose the right package for yourself. You can even customize your package with the number of days, means of transport, accommodation, etc.
You must be extremely careful while planning your sailing trip. You should pay attention to the minutest details. You must design a comprehensive itinerary listing down all the things that you can do in a short span of time. Be sure to include visits to night clubs on your list. The night life in Croatia is definitely worth being witness to!

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