Helpful Tips for Taj Tours

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    Sep 10, 2013
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Helpful Tips for Taj Tours Photo by Vipin Agarwal

In case, you have been planning on visiting the Taj Mahal, listed below are some tips to help you.

Tip 1: Timings

The monument is closed on Friday. It is also blocked for prayers between noon and 2:00 p.m.

Tip 2: The Pools

The reflecting pools are drained on Friday and Saturday.

Tip 3: Admission

The admission fee at present is 750 INR for tourists and 20 INR for Indians.

Tip 4: Fee Exemption

Children under the age of 15 are free.

Tip 5: Ticket Validity

The ticket is valid from sunrise to sunset. However, re-entry to the mausoleum is not allowed.    Hence, you can stay as long as you like once you are in. Avoid leaving the place and coming back under the same admission fee.

Tip 6: Evening View

There is an evening viewing for the five days around the full moon. However, you can’t buy these tickets on the Taj grounds. The tickets are limited to groups of 50. The group is let in for about 30 minutes.

Tip 7: East gate

You must buy your ticket at a separate building / queue. Remember that the building for East gate is far from the gate. Unfortunately, they shuttle you to the gate as soon as you have bought the ticket.

Tip 8: Guides

There are guides available in the vicinity. However, you need to understand the variability in the information that they offer.  They guides may or may not be affiliated with the Taj.

Tip 9: Hotel

You need to enquire at the hotel if they can buy the tickets for you. Some of the hotels offer this facility. This service will save you standing in queue.

Tip 10: No Shoes

The authorities will not allow you wear shoes up on the platform surrounding the tomb itself.  You can get/buy little disposable shoe covers.

Tip 11: Bag

You can carry a small bag inside but a big bag is certainly a no-no.

Tip 12: Arrive Early

You must arrive early and admire everything around. You can get some awesome shot right in front of the tomb. Take a high quality camera with performance oriented lenses to get beautiful snapshots of the Taj.

Tip 13: Phones

You are allowed to carry a mobile phone. However, there are some who refute this fact. Make sure you speak to the hotel authorities or the authorities in the monument before making any decision.

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