Why You Need to Focus On Real Estate in Carlsbad

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    Nov 01, 2012
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Carlsbad is a beautiful coastal resort city that attracts millions of tourists every year. It is located 87 miles south of Los Angeles and 35 miles north of downtown San Diego. In the recent years, Carlsbad has become one of the most active real estate markets in United States. As it occupies seven miles of coastline along the Pacific Ocean, Carlsbad offers a peaceful atmosphere to enjoy the lush green landscape and scenic coastal regions.

Awesome beaches, picturesque lagoons, Legoland and captivating downtown village are some popular attractions that tempt visitors to invest in Carlsbad real estate. This beautiful town also has department stores, golf courses, outdoor activities, historic sites and lot more to satisfy the expectation of people during weekends.

Carlsbad is not just a seaside community but a world-class business environment as well. This coastal resort city has shown tremendous job growth in the past four years, as oil and potash industries are flourishing. Recently, job growth has increased 1.85 percent in this coastal resort city. Developers from Arizona and Texas are also building multifamily apartments and residential subdivisions to house the infusion of workers. As it has become a top vacation destination and an important hub for multi-national companies, real estate sector is also booming quickly than before.

As tourist ratio is increasing every year, several national restaurant chains have opened in the past year. Currently, two new hotels including Hampton Inn and Fairfield Inn have opened and another 180-room hotel is expected to be announced later this spring. Apart from all these facts, climatic factors also favor Carlsbad. This seaside community has a moderate temperate that averages between a comfortable 65° F and 75° F throughout the year, ideal for settlement.

When it’s up to transportation, Carlsbad has great bus service, single-runway airport and commuter train. All these awesome features make Carlsbad a great place to live. As new houses are going up every day, it is the right time to buy a property in this seaside community. At present, the median home cost in Carlsbad is around $537,000. In the last year, home appreciation has been -4.32 percent. In this coastal resort city, property value beings at $600, 000.

This town is truly an investment town with plenty of homes in the multi-million dollar range for residents and investors. Carlsbad real estate industry is progressing in a steady phase despite market woes. Carlsbad real estate press offers in-depth info about the current real estate market trends in Carlsbad. As favorable situations are emerging for business, home values are expected to increase rapidly in the forthcoming years. So, it is better to take advantage of the present real estate market conditions to make profitable investment.

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