Inspired by a Stunning Olympic Summer

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    Sep 03, 2012
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Here is the situation: I am 32. I ran marathons in 2010 and 2011, although "ran" would be stretching the point in the case of the first, and even the second involved a certain amount of what some may call walking. In fact, anyone would call it that. And crying, there was a bit of that too!!

Anyway, having finished my lasy one in April of last year, I gradually felt the slowing down of my body and reached a stage around 6 weeks ago where I basically ended up a couch potato letting middle age come early. That was until London 2012, which to my mind has been the single greatest event in my lifetime and the great driver in making me be more than the man I am. My aim- the Rio Olympics, and the marathon.

Outlandish? Probably!!!! But I cant think of anything I could achieve that would be more of a joy-inducer, and nothing would make me feel prouder than to represenet my country at the next games.

So this is entry 1, I am open to all suggestions as to how to approach this! I want help, I want ideas and I will not be left wanting for ridcule I am sure, but my first aim is to run 26 miles off the reel  by Christmas. Then, 3 hour race by April 2013. Then its making that leap from good runner to really good club runner. From ther, i think I have got 2 years to get my time down. By all means enjoy yourselves and enjot my near-certain failure. But i hope to entertain you along the way whatever happens.

Mor Farah said in his Olympic interview that anyone can do it- its just down to grafting and hard work. Mo - I want to prove you right mate!!!

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