Market Your Business in Delhi with Bulk SMS Services

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    Sep 12, 2013
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At present, the total number of people using mobile phone services in India is nearing a billion. Urban India has 27 million people using the smartphone. Currently, the SMS is a well-liked medium for delivering VAS or value added services in the country. It is being estimated that about 20% of the urban Indians have used SMS VAS services some time or the other. Firms all over the country are using the SMS as an effective tool for marketing their products and services to reach out to millions. In India, especially in Delhi, the bulk SMS is an effective marketing tool indicating higher conversion rates than the conventional mediums.

Firms in Andhra Pradesh also make the most of bulk SMS services for accessing their consumers. As mobiles are gaining recognition among most of the people, large scale and small companies have begun relying on mobile marketing for promotional aspects. There are different kinds of mobile marketing strategies and some of these include MMS or Multimedia Message Service, SMS or Short Message Service, Voice Marketing, Pay per Call mobile, Mobile applications and Mobile Banner Ads that are used in the country for marketing. However, one of the services that are fast gaining ground is SMS marketing.

IT firms all across the country are relying on these services as a dependable, quick and efficient mode of communication with their customers. Moreover, the Short Message Service is also one of the means through which people connect with one another. It is estimated that on an average, a regular Indian sends at least 29 SMSes per month. Being a cheap form of communication than other modes of marketing, SMS marketing is often employed by small scale companies for promoting their product offerings. With SMS technology starting to boom in India, people mostly resort to using bulk SMS software.

This is being done to cater to the unique marketing demands of the companies. Previously, marketers in India had to rely on the SMS service providers for sending multiple messages. However, today the situation is different with the prevalence of bulk SMS software. This helps them gain total control of their marketing efforts. Since there are efforts of customization of the SMS software, the users can now customize the time of delivery of the messages according to their needs. Moreover, the other benefit of this kind of marketing is that it is convenient to manage.

The interface of the SMS software is easy to use which allows even the most inexperienced marketer to use it successfully. With a faster turnaround time, the companies can estimate the progress of their campaign within a few weeks.


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