Why Macs Win the Cost vs. Benefit Challenge

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    Oct 16, 2012
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Choosing a computer is as much about cost versus benefit as anything else. While a new Mac can cost more to purchase than some Windows PCs, a PC that is nearly comparable with an iMac will probably cost just about as much, if not more than the iMac. In addition, Macs include more features and offer superior usability, graphics, sound and customer support. This article explores a few of the reasons Mac users are almost fanatically brand loyal.

Customer support is a big deal when it comes to electronics. You can go into any Apple store and get help with any Mac or Apple question. Going into a store isn’t even necessary, though. One call to Apple Mac Support London can get you answers for any Apple hardware or software dilemma. The same can hardly be said for PCs. Most Windows users find that the hardware manufacturer cannot offer support for preinstalled software, which generally includes Windows. Apple Support London technicians are also more accurate with their diagnoses than most PC technicians.

The computing world moves very fast; a computer that is state-of-the-art today might be nearly obsolete next year. Macs have more staying power than PCs and have been shown to have a 25 per cent longer lifespan than comparable PCs. Your new Mac will still be running fine and quickly when your neighbour is replacing his PC desktop or laptop.

If you use your computer for business, reliability is not only a matter of convenience, but also an absolute necessity for your productivity. Macs have been proven on many occasions to be more dependable and problem free than their PC counterparts. While your colleagues are placing calls to the IT department or waiting on hold for support, you’ll be getting your work done quickly and efficiently.

Backwards compatibility has always been an issue for Windows users. Software that ran great with Vista or Windows 7 may not work well in Windows 8 or may require a hunt for new drivers to make it work. Macs have no such problems and have always provided exceptional software backwards compatibility. PC users, on the other hand, find themselves involved in an endless quest to keep their software up-to-date and working with the latest version of Windows.

Macs typically require less hardware to perform the same tasks as a Windows PC. Vista is a known memory hog, requiring that newer PCs come with more RAM simply to keep up with the demands of the software. The extra memory does not make the PC faster, as shown by a straight-across comparison of an iMac and a Gateway all-in-one PC. Even with the PC’s extra RAM, the iMac booted up, installed programs and launched applications faster than the PC in almost every instance.

In a head-to-head challenge with PCs, Macs come out the clear winner in performance, usability, customer support, and of course, aesthetics. Macs offer top quality at competitive prices and are more fun to look at and use than their PC counterparts.

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