What Are The Advantages Of A Home Loan EMI Calculator For Indian Borrowers?

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    Aug 11, 2014
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What Are The Advantages Of A Home Loan EMI Calculator For Indian Borrowers? Photo by Aishwarya Mahurkar

The advantages of a home EMI calculator unquestionably depend upon the calculator that you are using. If you want to calculate just the monthly home loan EMIs, then you can do so easily in an excel sheet or with the help of a basic calculator. Although, the truth is that you can do much more if you choose the right online Home Loan EMI calculator  in India. Some of the EMI calculators certainly offer more than just numbers.

Housing Loan Insights:

The housing loan insights offer you a perception into the realm of possibilities. With an ideal home loan calculator, you can discover the right property for yourself by identifying the ones that you can afford to buy. By examining how the home loan interest rates and the tenure affects your EMIs, you will be able to ascertain what you can manage to pay for. This will definitely allow finance-savvy borrowers to look for strategic housing loans that are tailored to suit their specific financial needs.

EMI Repayment Insights:

Clearly, if you take a look at the amortization table; you will understand the way repayments work in actuality. In addition, you will also be able to comprehend how the tax rebate will work for you over a period of time as you continue to enjoy tax exemption for the home loan principal amount and the interest that you pay. Thus, your understanding of repayments will get better if you check out the potential variations in floating interest rates and their impact on your EMIs. 

Customization Insights:

First time borrowers may not notice that most Home Loan EMI calculators in India  are not for people who just know the price of the property. It is for those, who know the amount of the house loan that they need to buy a certain property. In other words, your housing loan amount will include other amounts too. Thus, you will need to conduct some of the basic home loan calculations without a calculator in order to understand the EMIs. But, if you do know the loan amount, you can choose an appropriate tenure and figure out if you should go for fixed or floating interest rates. You can probably, thus, anticipate the impact of different repayment options on your Home Loan.

All said and done, you need a perfect Home Loan EMI calculator for that. You can’t get these details in an excel sheet, right?

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