Important Ways In Which An EMI Calculator Will Help You

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    Jan 23, 2014
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Important Ways In Which An EMI Calculator Will Help You Photo by Aishwarya Mahurkar

There are several housing loan EMI calculators  provided by banks/finance organizations to assist potential home loan borrowers. Whether you’re just checking out homes or finalizing a home and the loan, a home loan EMI calculator is perfect for you – one always needs to understand their monthly repayments and other details. Hence, you are never done with home loan EMI calculations.

Firstly, most people use the home loan calculator to confirm if a particular property fits their budget. Alternatively, they use it to figure out if a certain property can be acquired by extending the duration or the tenure of the home loan. There are some borrowers who wish to understand the impact of different tenures, principal amounts and interest rates on their financial life, since EMIs vary considerably due to these three factors. It is wrong to assume that it is a simple home loan calculation; since there are a lot of factors that affect the EMIs and your monthly outgoing expenses.

Secondly, a home loan calculator is not just a simple tool to calculate your monthly payments. This tool enables you to match the loan and home variables and negotiate with the seller and the finance company accordingly. In other words, you have a clear idea about your strengths and weaknesses, what you can afford to purchase and what you cannot, how much you can pay over the coming years etc. keeping in mind the other obvious or unforeseen expenses.

Though an EMI calculator cannot help you to anticipate expenses, you get a fair idea about how much you must manage within. Most finance experts suggest that an EMI should be lesser than 30% of your monthly income, since this would make it convenient for you to pay it off easily spite of other regular and potential expenses.   

Thirdly, this tool is a powerful way to identify the suitable neighbourhood or city since the principal amount is the major factor and real estate depends mainly upon the location. 

The home loan calculators in India  work well in conjunction with the other online tools such as a stamp duty calculator and the housing loan eligibility calculator. This allows you to understand how much loan amount you can easily get and how extensive other expenses such as processing fees can be. Though these are indicators as well, they give you a fair idea about the potential expenses. 

A home loan interest rate is considerably affected by your repayment ability, income and the local and global economy. Use caution and select your home loan carefully.

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