Plot Loan An Ideal Option To Buy The Land You Desire

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    Feb 20, 2014
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Plot Loan An Ideal Option To Buy The Land You Desire Photo by Aishwarya Mahurkar

Most people seek the pride and honour that is associated with land purchase. However, very few people, venturing into such projects, know about the potential complications and the overall expenses. The biggest challenge in acquiring land is managing the funds. Plot purchases are expensive and require considerable amount of resources. The purchasing amount is the biggest challenge for most buyers. Financial companies offer products such as a plot purchase loan to overcome this challenge.

Whether you are an individual or a group of individuals, land purchase includes several expenses. Even before the payment of the decided amount to the seller, you make a lot of investment. There are certain expenses that a buyer must incur while purchasing the land such as stamp duty, registration fees, legal fees, real estate agent’s commission, etc.

You must investigate the properties that you are considering for any legal defects in the ownership titles, encumbrances on the property, NOCs (No obligation certificates) and other applicable documents. For example: If the property has been inherited by the seller, then you must ensure that the property has been awarded to the seller in the probated will. Though it is not a customary exercise in India, it is the ideal practice to avoid any legal hassles from other claimants of the same piece of property in future.  

After property purchase, you would also have to pay the applicable property taxes and the maintenance fees. In addition to the price agreed upon, you would be paying the surveyors, lawyers and financial consultants that you would hire for proper evaluation and loan processing. Most people opt for a land purchase loan  to make sure that they can afford to pay all these possible expenses. 

This is where help from a finance expert would be extremely useful. Financial experts assist you to find the ideal financial company, well negotiated interest rate and customized repayment scheme to suit your existing and future cash flows. With a good expert by your side, you would get a suitable tenure and EMIs designed to fit your income and expenses. Thus, though these may seem like unnecessary expenses, these professionals protect your investment and save you from any probable hassles. In long term perspective, it is a smart strategy to use their services to acquire the land safely. Wouldn’t it be better than facing legal action or losing the land? Own the land you desire with the help of the ideal land loan  and the right professional advice.

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Aishwarya Mahurkar is an experienced writer concerning the housing finance industry. Her articles help in informing her readers of the opt for a land purchase loan processes that cover ideal land loan, interest rates required documents etc.

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