A Borrowers Guide For The House Loan Terms And Conditions

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    Jul 25, 2014
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A Borrowers Guide For The House Loan Terms And Conditions Photo by Aishwarya Mahurkar

Every finance expert and finance blog suggests that reading the fine print for your home loan agreement is very important. You must understand it, clarify your doubts and enter into a contract with complete awareness about the implications of the terms and conditions in the contract. However, most borrowers don’t. But, this long and boring document can help you to understand the ramifications of your contract like no other housing loan blog post or article can. So, it is a must-read. Though it is not entertaining, it is an important piece of information. If you would not want to read it all, here are a few crucial pointers that you should pay attention to:


There will be an extended section about all the possible charges and fees. It will be vital to understandhow and where you will need to pay. This category will include details about:

• Prepayment charges and foreclosure charges on fixed rate housing loans
• Applicable variations in floating and fixed interest rates on housing loans
• Late payment fees for house loans
• Loan default
• Top up loan processing charges

Documentation &Notifications:

Most borrowers are likely to take certain actions under specific circumstances. They are expected to present certain documents and inform precise changes to the lender. The housing finance companies in India are at liberty to change the house loan agreement accordingly.   Though the best home loans in India are accommodating in this section, it is essential for people to understand their duties as borrowersand submit all the required documents on time. The primary advantage of this kind of effort will come in handy when you want to opt for a top-up loan for renovating your home.This is more important if you are a self-employed person because there will be over-draft facilities available on the property in question. So, understanding the rules and regulations for home loans are vital.

Last but not the least, these documents are complicated and include quite a few terminologies, which will be well-explained in the document itself. So, take a look at the definitions of certain words if you do not follow them easily. It will help you to process your home loan terms and conditions clearly. When you submit the documents required for home loans and sign the agreement, these are the rules and regulations that you are agreeing to. Hence, understanding the terms and conditions appropriately will be as crucial as the signature on the document.

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