Home Loan Calculator The Most Useful Tool Offered By The Lenders Today

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    Jan 23, 2014
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Home Loan Calculator The Most Useful Tool Offered By The Lenders Today Photo by Aishwarya Mahurkar

The technological advances today have made available several new benefits to the techno-savvy borrowers. The most popular and useful tool offered online is certainly the home loan EMI calculator. This tool is simply expected to calculate the periodical EMI. However, it performs many other useful functions to assist you in the process of opting for a home loan.

Most people merely wish to find out if they can afford to purchase a home in a certain locality. They can easily understand the kind of changes they would need to make to be able to pay the applicable EMI for the home loan tenure. You can also get an idea about the rough estimate of your regular EMIs without any trouble. Moreover, you can calculate the amount of principal and interest that you pay each month.

If you can foretell the other important expenses in your life, then you will know the modifications that you would need to make in your income and/or expenses. That’s an extremely important step to incorporate EMIs into your monthly spends. This tool allows you to do that without any help from a friend, financial expert or financial advisor appointed by the mortgage institutes.  

A competent home loan EMI calculator  simplifies the calculation process thus allowing you to understand how different interest rates and tenures can affect your monthly household income. There are several other details, however, that cannot be ignored. In other words, the home loan EMI calculation is just a part of the whole process. Though it is a significant part, there are other aspects that need to be taken care of as well.

The most useful tool is a housing loan EMI calculator; however, it’s not the only available tool for borrowers. People can use tools like the housing loan eligibility calculator, stamp duty eligibility calculator as well. The eligibility calculator shows you the amount of home loan that you can easily avail on the basis of relevant factors such as you and your co-applicant’s monthly income, applicable interest rate and the tenure that you consider for the loan.

The stamp duty calculator estimates the stamp duty amount that needs to be paid on the basis of the price of the property. These home loan calculator tools  aid in the process of understanding the requirements well, gathering sufficient funds and ensuring that you can easily avail a home loan from a bank/housing finance company. No wonder the technology has accelerated the home loan process, in turn reducing the charges and fees considerably.

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