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    Mar 06, 2013
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The Law
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Getting a divorce is a painful and emotional time for all parties involved but sometimes it is the only solution to a marriage that is no longer working. When faced with such a situation, you need to have good legal representation to make sure that you are getting a fair deal. A Lancaster Pa divorce attorney can be found through professional listing services that help you make your choice based on information about specific divorce lawyers in Lancaster Pa that practice in your local area. There are a couple such listing services that can be found online and if you are specifically looking for divorce lawyers, it can tell you who specializes in family law.

Because there is so much at risk when a couple decides to dissolve a marriage, having qualified representation through a Lancaster Pa divorce attorney is critical to make sure that everything is handled in a way that assures equality among the parties. You need to choose from the listing of divorce lawyers in Lancaster Pa to find one that is aggressive enough to fight for what is fair and that knows the specific local laws and regulations concerning divorce in the area. If there are significant assets and/or debt to divide, as well as any child custody issues that need to be worked out, you want an attorney that knows the local system and is familiar with the trends in the area to be able to strategize an effective plan of action.

Divorce lawyers in Lancaster Pa will be licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania and you should look for one that has one or two years experience practicing in your local area so that he or she will be familiar with area judges as well as any other Lancaster Pa divorce attorney that could be working for the challenging spouse. With this kind of local knowledge, it is a little easier to have an idea of how the proceedings might go and any particular tactics the other lawyer might attempt to use for the sake of his client.

If you have children that will be part of the divorce settlement proceedings, it's important to find a Lancaster Pa divorce attorney that has experience with child custody law to represent you. They will be the best partner when it comes to deciding factors such as child support awards, custody and related tax issues that can effect both parties. Divorce lawyers in Lancaster Pa will be the most familiar with local jurisdiction and be able to use that knowledge to get the most fair and relevant terms concerning any children that share parentage between the disputing parties.

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