The Benefits of a New York Prenuptial Agreement

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    Jun 19, 2013
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If you’re considering having a New York prenuptial agreement drawn up by professionals such as those found at, know the facts before you set your first consultation. By understanding the basic tenets of a prenuptial agreement that is prepared in New York, you will be well-equipped to make the right decisions regarding this personal document. There are definite benefits to a prenuptial; read below to discover more.

• New York prenuptial agreements do not follow the same statutes that are requirements in other states. Although an oral prenuptial agreement is not held valid, there is not much else that the document has to adhere to. For example, an engaged couple can find some freedom in crafting their agreement. As long as it is signed and definitely in writing, the couple should be fine. With that said, not having to comply with uniform laws regarding a prenuptial agreement NY means that it is in your best interest to seek educated counsel. Make sure that your agreement covers all the bases.

• Since there is no blueprint per se for a NY prenuptial agreement, you’ll want to consider your personal situation and that of your future spouse carefully. Talk about how you will combine your bank accounts or if you plan to keep them separate. Will one or both of you be responsible for the mortgage on your dwelling? Who will pay for childcare in the event that you have progeny? There are so many questions when it comes to a couples’ financial future. By trusting a New York prenuptial attorney to guide you through the process of writing out your agreement, you will ensure that you and your beloved will each be protected in case your union dissolves. The last thing you want to worry about when a relationship sours is money; a prenuptial agreement takes care of this worry.

Find a divorce lawyer in NYC who is interested in listening to your individual comments and concerns, and remember that a prenuptial agreement does not mean that you believe your union will not last. Instead, it simply protects you and the person you love. It is a practical way to relieve any uncertainty about your financial future if your union dissolves and comes down to a separation agreement in NYC. If your marriage does not last, both of you will have the means and the freedom to start over.

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