Why Stay at Hotels Near Baga Beach?

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    May 27, 2013
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Why Stay at Hotels Near Baga Beach? Photo by The Tamarind Hotel

Hotels near Baga beach offer beauteous locations and easy distance from the sea, which makes them a treat to stay. You can find all kinds of amenities in these places in keeping with expectations of visitors who come here. Whatever your budget or accommodation requirements it is possible to find a place which is appropriate in all respects.

Here are some of the advantages of staying at places near Baga Beach.

Easy approach

Coming to Baga is quite easy it is one-hour drive from the international airport. The Margao railway station is also located close-by. You can avail public buses or rickshaw and auto-rickshaws for moving about in the area or for going to places nearby. Even when you are staying at Anjuna hotels coming to Baga is no problem since it is only six km away.

Exploring on foot provides plenty of opportunities to visitors, provided they are adept at dodging traffic!

Opportunities for sightseeing

When you are in Baga, the main attraction no doubt is the beach. Here you can spend your time gazing out on the calm sea, lounge about on the beach, make sand castle with your kids, or take part in one of the varied water sport activities. Other places to see include Portuguese fort located at Chapora, and Aguada.

Indulge in shopping

When you are out for shopping near or in Baga, there are plenty of opportunities to haggle and get good prices on a variety of items. Those staying at resorts here, can easily shop at the Flea Market in Anjuna or purchase souvenirs at Baga and clothing or suit materials at almost throwaway prices especially by Western standards. Leather jackets, luggage, glasses, and second hand books are other options available here.

Options for eating out

Staying at Anjuna hotels gives you many opportunities to savor delicacies from this part of India and so does Baga. There are both budget and luxury dining options available and you can choose the place, which suits your style and pocket. Non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages including the local product ‘Feni’ (prepared from cashew) is easily available to accompany the food you order.

Going on excursions

Those who want can go on various excursions from Baga, including a trip to old Goa or other beaches, which are secluded, beautiful, and peaceful.

Hotels near Baga beach are the ideal places to stay, if you are planning a Goa trip around this part of the state.

Transportation is easy; therefore, you can come and go as you please. However, there is always a rush of tourists and Baga is a cynosure of any visit to this part of South India. So, do not forget to get on with hotel bookings with enough time on hands.

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