Get The Best Snow Accommodation At The Perisher Hotel

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    Jan 02, 2014
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Get The Best Snow Accommodation At The Perisher Hotel Photo by Allan  Joyce

Perisher Valley is not called that for no reason. In fact the weather in this area is noted for its sudden changes from cold to freezing and from fine to dark and stormy blizzards. That is why you need to find good accommodation when you visit there; accommodation such as that offered by the perisher hotel. There is nothing like sitting up close to a roaring fire when the snow is falling outside and the wind is howling around the mountain peaks.

Many people visit this area in the winter for the great skiing and other snow-based activities that are on offer.  In the summer there are great hiking trails to enjoy and you can see all that Mother Nature offers. But even in the summer the weather can be pretty cold, with scary storms and sudden drops in the temperature. If you go camping you certainly need to take plenty of warm clothes and sturdy tents.

Of course, you would never dream of camping out in the winter. Few people would survive a night spent outside in the Perisher region, even if they had good camping equipment.  Tents would very likely be blown away well before dawn, leaving the inhabitants to face the snowy darkness all alone and freezing. So do yourself a favor and book decent accommodation if you plan on visiting the area in the winter.

The Perisher hotel offers all the comforts of home with snug doonas and heating in every room. They even have a heated room to put those wet boots in at the end of your skiing day. It is right at the center of all the activity too, that makes it the most convenient place to stay, even though there is plenty of other perisher accommodation. It is right next to the Perisher Center with all its convenient eateries and other touristy things.

In spite of its name, the perisher resort is the most popular and largest snow and ski resort in Australia and in fact, in the southern hemisphere. People from all over the world go there to experience the wonderful ski fields and even though it is cold – naturally – 70% of the time, the days are actually fine in the winter.

Of course, cold to Australians is not nearly as cold as it gets in many places in Europe or America that are covered with snow for six months of the year. Our temperate climate has quite spoiled us. The average minimum winter temperature is actually only -3.7C. Many people from other cold countries would consider that to be warm, while Aussies shudder at the mere thought.


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