Portobello Paradise - Wonderful Vegetarian Eating

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    Jan 21, 2013
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I always like to say that soulful eating, comes from Amore, aka Love. When you cook with love, you feed the soul.

For many years, I have used these words to describe my cooking and the spirituality I bring to my food is part of my ‘secret sauce’ in making the food I cook taste as wonderful as you my guests say it is!

Perhaps it is because we are located in glorious transcendent Sedona, Arizona, and there is great food and great spirituality rolled into this location. And that is what has kept Dahl and DiLuca at the top of the best Italian restaurants year after year in Sedona. Our fresh, award-winning Italian dishes have made many people’s travel and dining experience with Dahl &DiLuca one to remember.

One of the dishes that comes full of love to our customers is our Portobello Paradiso sauce is a vegetarian sauce, like a mushroom bolognese, but with a vegetarian twist. Lisa calls this mushroom and veggie bolognese sauce “healthy, wonderful and easy to make”. It has full flavors and a deep rustic color for all you sauce lovers who enjoy a big-tasting sauce with your pasta. This sauce also makes a wonderful lasagna filling. Watch this YouTube video of Lisa http://youtu.be/cKp9BYIb-Kg on Lilou’s Juicy Living Tour and be sure to sign up for and receive an email with Lisa’s featured recipes.

After dicing peppers and onions, heat them up with olive oil and then add garlic, button and portobello mushrooms already diced. The sauce will eventually carmelize and bring a vegetarian meat sauce consistency. Pair a wonderful marinara sauce  with the mushroom, peppers and onions mixture. Lisa’s top tip is to use San Marzano tomatoes for her great marinara sauce.

What’s excellent about the Portobello Paradise sauce is that it provides a nice texture for vegetarians, which gives them a meal with meat-like substance. Add some sea salt, some herbs like thyme, oregano, crushed red pepper and then a splash of non-sweet wine. This is what makes Lisa call this the elixir of cooking.

In this way, the excellence of cooking and wonder comes into play as you’re cooking in the moment. To find more live-giving recipes like this, buy a copy or two for the holidays of The Elixir of Life, my award-winning cookbook, which chronicled my trip to Tuscany, Italy to celebrate the elixirs of the olive and the vine, as well as much of the love that I brings to my cooking.

I think cooking is one of life’s wonderful joys, and my joy of cooking is wonderfully translated into the pages of this gorgeous cookbook. This winter, enjoy cooking with lots of love and inspiration in the kitchen!

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Article source:Living Dahl

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