Selling The House Without A Real Estate Agent - The Tricks One May Resort To

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    Dec 26, 2012
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The normal procedure to sell a home is to approach a real estate agent. It is quick as the agent is always in touch with people who are on the lookout for a house. The agent plays the role of a collaborator between the buyer and seller. However, it is a known fact that he ends up charging a fee for the service he doles out. It is a percentage of the transacted amount. However, if there are plans to keep all the money all by himself one will have to be on the lookout for ways to sell a house without a real estate agent.

It is not at all the herculean task that it is made out to be. The process is quite simple but only if some basic rules are followed. One must do his/her homework. It is important that a perfect market value for the property is ascertained. It is often seen that homeowners tend to quote a very high price.This results in the property lying unsold for an extended period. However, quoting a lower price may fetch lower revenues. Hence, the exact figure will have to be arrived at. If the need be one can always seek professional help and engage the services of a property assessor. One may also checkout the neighborhood property sales for the last six months. One must also be familiar with the in and outs of real estate transactions. If the need be there is the option of going through all the papers that were prepared during the purchase of the property.  

Now if the house has to fetch a high price it will have to be in the best of shape. If there is a need one can always think of applying a coat of paint to the interiors to make sure it is in the best of shape. One may also opt to replace carpets or refurnish if needs be.   Marketing is an important aspect if there are ambitions to fetch a higher price. The internet is a place where one can interact with people on the other end of the globe. For a small fee owners can list the property on the internet as owners listing.

One needs to be prepared for the negotiations’ stage. There will be offers and counter offers. If one is firm regarding a price there is a need to stick to it. Finally closing the deal is of prime importance. One must be familiar with the closing paper work. These are certain steps which if followed, will result in a smooth house sale without having to pay brokerage commissions.

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