How a Realtor Can Help Sell a Home Faster

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    Mar 16, 2013
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Charlevoix - Mushroom House
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There are many how-to articles online and in magazines about how people can sell their homes without the help of Realtors. While this is certainly possible, realtors offer an array of skills and experience to help people sell their homes faster. There are some Boulder, CO Realtors who know area real estate and can help people get their homes listed for sale. Wherever one lives working with a Realtor can help streamline the home sale process.

One of the first things a Realtor will do when engaged to sell a home is review the property and help the owner set a realistic selling price. By analyzing sale prices of comparable properties in the area, the Realtor can help sellers arrive at a price that can help expedite the sale. If a home is priced high above other comparable homes it will be difficult to sell it. If it is priced within a comparable range then it has a better chance of catching a buyer’s eye.

A key advantage that a Realtor can offer over a real estate agent is the ability to list a home in the MLS (Multiple Listings Service). These listings allow other brokers who don’t represent a seller to discover information about a seller’s property. A listing in the MLS can provide greater exposure for a property, and only Realtors have access to MLS listings.

Another point to consider when deciding if one should work with a Realtor is that Realtors are members of their local Association of REALTORS.® They are obliged to adhere to the Code of Ethics established by the association. Since they are bound by this Code of Ethics sellers know that Realtors will act in their best interests and also fairly deal with all parties involved in the sale.

Marketing and advertising homes today involves a variety of ad placements; in print and online. Realtors are familiar with the most popular local home seller publications and the top websites (in addition to their own company’s site) to list homes. Each Realtor is different, but many of them take extensive photos of homes and even create virtual tours for people to access online. Others record phone messages with descriptions of the properties that people can listen to. Still others offer QR codes and other interactive features in their real estate signs. Ultimately the Realtor offers sellers the benefit of his or her experience in the myriad ways to list and promote homes for sale.

When a buyer shows serious interest in a home there are usually many points that need to be negotiated before the sale. For example, if a fence is deteriorating on the property and is an eyesore, the buyer may ask that the seller remove it before the sale. If there are any systems that need repair, the Realtor can help with the negotiations regarding these to help facilitate the sale. Once a home has an accepted offer the Realtor becomes even more valuable to the seller. It is at this time that the Realtor can work with the parties to arrange a closing date and all of the paperwork, inspections and other matters that must be completed on a time schedule leading up to closing. Since Realtors have built their careers on knowing this process, sellers can benefit greatly as the assistance of Realtors can bring the sometimes stressful matter of selling a home to fruition.

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