The Benefits Of Water Extraction

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    Sep 19, 2013
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When a home or business becomes flooded there are serious concerns that must be addressed and dealt with promptly. Standing water or floods in any dwelling present a serious threat to health and overall wellbeing. From the possibility of electrical shock to the propagation of unhealthy organisms, water damage can have a profound effect on the occupants of a building. From damaging the very foundation and structure of the building to causing troublesome odors, water damage has far-reaching effects. The extraction and restoration process offered by many companies today is a highly effective way to correct the ravaging damages associated with large amounts of standing water.

Standing Water Left Unaddressed Can Even Cause Walls To Collapse

Pooling or standing water that reaches the level of electrical outlets can cause a serious threat to anyone in or around that area. Electrical shock can be fatal and should be addressed as a very serious situation when it does indeed occur. Avoiding electrical shock by having rapid response water extraction teams on site in the event of flooding is vital to ensuring the health and wellbeing of everyone involved. Standing water left unaddressed can even cause walls to collapse. When wallboard or sheet rock becomes impregnated with large amounts of water due to absorption, the weight of the wall structure can become so excessive that it literally collapses. Preventing this from happening means acting quickly when standing water is present.

Sewage Mixing With Otherwise Clean Standing Water

Mold, mosquitoes and organisms such as salmonella can quickly become a serious concern when standing water is allowed to remain present for any length of time. Other typical concerns involving standing water include the migration of undesirable pollutants such as sewage mixing with otherwise clean standing water that has flooded a particular area. Those wishing to protect the health of their family in the case of a flood should seek out professional water extraction assistance as soon as possible. In the case of most flooding situations time is of the essence. Water extraction professionals can quickly and effectively remove standing water and then go to work to begin the drying process.

Eliminating The Possibility Of Mold Growth

The drying process is a crucial element in the restoration of a home or business that has been damaged by water. Using technologically advanced machinery designed to eliminate moisture in walls and flooring, water damage restoration professionals can achieve amazing results. Eliminating the possibility of mold growth is one of the most important concerns with regard to the water damage restoration process. Mold and mildew can cause serious health concerns for the occupants of a building where water damage has occurred. Making certain that mold does not form is one of the prime concerns of any water damage restoration company. The dangers of flooding and water damage should never be underestimated.

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