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    Sep 04, 2012
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Nowadays the usage of fossil fuels is at a high level ,and It's harmful for our environment and our health.In the near future we will face a lot of problem because of that.There are some solutions, like: using solar and wind energy to meet our needs.In fact these solutions have some advantages and this advantages.

For example If we want to use the solar energy ,we will have these problems:
1-It's very expensive.2-Low yields.

But we should pay attention that this type of energy is good in case of being renewal and not having pollution.

The most efficient way of producing energy which is being used is wind.It's cheaper than solar energy and it efficient.We can change mechanical energy into electricity.In some countries high percentage of their energy is prepared by wind.For sure this kind of energy will come some problems ,for example they produce  a lot of noises and they can be used just in the places ,which are windy.

You may think that why we should use them when they have these problems.But the point which is usually ignored is that when we ran out of fossil energy ,they will be considered as efficient and useful.

Because we don't have any other alternative.But that time we should prepare ourselves for the bad effects of pollution ,which is released by using fossil fuels.At that time we should write some articles for solving air and water pollution.Human thought nuclear power is a good replacement ,but soon we understood  preparing nuclear fuel is expensive and it produce nuclear waste.

Scientists are trying to find new green way to produce energy.The ways ,which they find should be efficient enough .In fact some companies should invest more on these plans.For sure we are living in the world ,which is full of energy.We should manage it in the way, which benefit us.

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