Alternative Energy Sources

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    Sep 05, 2012
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In the current years, there are signs that the non renewable energy sources that we are using are on their verge of depletion. Maybe it's America or Russia or any other country, every country is feeling the heat of resource depletion like coal, petroleum and other fossil products. The prices are hiking like anything due to inflation and unemployment is further adding fuel to these factors. So, the concept of Go Green is started to emerge as a result of the above problems.

Now to wonder what is this Go Green concept, it is a concept unlike any other. It tells us to use the resources that are readily available in nature, but only those which can be renewed like water, air, solar etc (not to be confused with the renewable resources) Now a days you might question yourself that why everywhere is so much green? From textbook covers to mass media, everyone is talking about go green. Due to globalization, the world has come closer. Whatever we do has an impact on earth and to its surrounding. For example, use of Chloro Fluoro Carbons which were mostly being used in the western countries is affecting the ozone layer of the North and South Pole. Anyways, the point is whatever we do is having consequences. Going green does not mean plant trees everywhere and that's it. It means we should also change our lifestyle, our way of thinking, our eating habits etc which will ultimately improve your quality of living.

Go Green is based on 5 principles, that is, Reuse, Reduce, Replenish, Reproduce and Recycle. By adopting these principles, we can contribute to the nature.Here are some points to go green:

1. Save money by saving energy - Try to consume as less electricity as possible. Use CFLs and fluorescent bulbs to perform household duties.

2. Reduce the use of petrol - Walk or cycle to travel short distances instead of using vehicles.

3. Sensible eating - Whatever you eat, purchase it from the local shopkeepers. This allows the money to circulate in the local economy.

4. Smart purchasing - Whatever you purchase, purchase it in bulk. This saves the packing material.

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