Sustainability Management and Corporate Social Responsibility

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    Sep 16, 2013
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USACE brings “green” power to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area
USACE brings “green” power to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area
Photo by USACE HQ

Sustainability Management is a keyword for several businesses who are willing participants in shouldering their corporate social responsibilities. Most such large pan-India organizations, with wide-spread interests across the world, look at building their sustainability Initiatives with  a lot of focus on scientific discoveries, UN policies as well as local community socio-economic practices.  The result of such progressive and inclusive-programs has ensured the success and opening windows of Sustainability in Business roles.

Sustainability Challenges achievable by Government business twinning

Indian organizations have been successful at Sustainability Management as they have discovered the means to locate and develop programs that are socially relevant and ecologically sustainable.

Sustainability in Business for such organizations has been a success as well as they essentially focus on the multi-pronged development: environment, education and health. Business practices and processes are effective in better management of programs rendering them more effective than beleaguered government programs.

Sustainability Management includes establishing ecological imbalances in areas where man-nature conflict has led to continued encroaching, poaching, unscientific felling of forest wood and other practices. Remote areas, essentially around forest areas, have adopted sustainable development model, to provide local population alternative sources of income.

Sustainability in Business is achieved by several of these organizations by adopting processes that call for lesser utilization of carbon fossils or using alternatives when the consumption of these is in higher quantities.

Leading by example, businesses show case Sustainability Management providing native consumers and farmers, producers’ practical lessons to build value addition to their existing resources.

Sustainability in Business is possible by adopting intensive non-resource depleting practices. CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility in India is a long established tradition in India and stories of quality education or environment protection by business houses across the country are the norm. A recent example is of Sustainability Management is the large scale social forestry program adopted in rural Tamilnadu by an India-based global company that leads in Information Technology, medical and lighting equipment, consumable and more! The project has been such an example of Sustainability in Business for the local community, that, the villagers are initiating similar programs in nearby locations. The social forestry initiative not only meant better Sustainability Management but a good source to earn livelihood as well for nearly 19 farmers involved in the initiative.

Sustainability in Business in the Indian context remains a double-edge sword as sustained development at the cost of eco-friendly practices comes at a price!

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