Sustainability Meaning and Corporate Social Responsibility: Sustainability Initiatives

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    Sep 12, 2013
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Solar project at Fort Hunter Liggett
Solar project at Fort Hunter Liggett
Photo by USACE HQ

Sustainability Meaning is best illustrated by the life our ancestors lived. They lived life with a context and used natural resources only to the extent that was required of them. They were not even to exploiting what was abundantly available. One of the first to develop a theory on ecology-sustainment and frugal use of natures’ bounty was Thoreau in his seminal work ‘Walden Pond.’

Sustainability Initiatives, adopted by several of India’s leading business organizations as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility have found great inspiration by such authors and other environmentalists.

Sustainability Meaning lost in the race to consumerism

Unfortunately for Planet Earth, the march of Man on Earth has been laden with consumerism and high rates of depletion of resources, especially in the years of great industrialization. Sustainability Meaning was lost in the throes of plastics, use of toxic-levels of DDT and high burning of carbon fossil. Consumption of earth’s resource reached extreme, post publication of theories postulated by several learned schools of thought: first was Malthusian theory of population. The fear of the extinction of human population to vagaries of nature, epidemics and more caused uncontrolled explosion of human population placing a strain on resources.

The backlash of unmitigated exploitation of resources led to a curve of research-based conclusions that the resources of nature were exhaustible and the new sustainability meaning was found. Following this realization, several organizations across the world found new Sustainability Initiatives and popular among them are clubs like the Sierra club, which persevered to work to conserve the delicate ecology of the region.

Sustainability Initiatives such as these proved to be successful and proved to set the path for other organizations such as the National Audoban Society, The Oblerlin Project and the Garret Hardin Society.

Sustainability Meaning revealed by citizen scientists

A turning point was achieved when citizens in several parts of the world played a leading role in highlighting the failing sustainability of nature. Rachel Carson almost single-handedly led the protest against the use of DDT, a pesticide used in large quantities to destroy the pests that destroyed crops. Her path-breaking work on the harmful role of DDT motivates millions of environmentally conscious consumers and citizens. Her book ‘Silent Spring’ has surely highlighted the requirement for new ‘sustainability meaning’ and the need to adopt more productive Sustainability Initiatives

Understandably, business groups, organizations and corporates play an important role in discovering the new Sustainability Meaning and adopting Sustainability Initiatives that ensures Planet Earth.

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