How to Improve the Sound Quality of Your DVD Player

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    Mar 08, 2013
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How to Improve the Sound Quality of Your DVD Player Photo by Vijay Sahu

Playing a movie on your Blu ray DVD player is one of the most entertaining things to do after work.  However, watching it may not be as satisfying if you have a poor sound system.

Surround sound system could be the solution to this problem, but they tend to be expensive. However, if you have no budget for this, is there any other way to improve the sound of your Blu ray player? Yes there is.
Stereos – the Best Alternative to Surround Sound System

The stereo system is ideal for you especially if you do not have the budget for surround sound system.  Although this system seems to be out of date, they are still compatible with your DVD player and still available in the market today. By setting up your stereo system properly, you can dramatically improve the sound system of your Blu ray player.

How to Set Up Your Stereo System

1. Place It Near Your Television:  To get the best sound experience from your stereo system you need to place it near your television. In case your system has separate speakers, then you need to place them on the left and right side of your television. If your stereo has built-in speakers, then you should place at the top of your television so that it can distribute sound evenly.

2. Connect the System to The DVD Player: Once you have placed the stereo system to its respective positions, the next thing that you should do is to connect it to the DVD player.  This is easy, since the cables and stereo outputs are colour-coded (usually white and red). Just connect the wires to its respective colours.

3. Adjust the Configuration Settings: You need to select the proper input for your stereo system.  If you have a DVD player that has an onscreen setup menu, things will be easier. You need to adjust the configuration settings until they match with the sound settings of your stereo unit.

Connecting your Blu ray DVD Player to a stereo system will greatly improve your sound experience when playing a movie. It can produce a more dynamic and realistic sound as opposed to built-in speakers of televisions.

Stereo units are still widely available in the market today. If you want to have stereo units that are capable of producing precise and high quality sound, you can buy the stereo units that are manufactured by Panasonic.

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