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    Sep 01, 2014
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Breaking into Publishing Industry Photo by Pamela Wendell

Entering the publishing industry during this period of rapid technological advancement and changing patterns of information consumption may seem slightly difficult. However, with specialized education and professional training, breaking into this fiercely competitive industry may become easy.

Centennial College's graduate certificate program in publishing - book, magazine and electronic is a condensed program that prepares you for diverse careers in publishing industry in just one year. The program is short yet fairly intense, helping you integrate and enhance your creative, marketing and business skills for sustainable careers in book and magazine publishing.

The USP of this program is that you gain a basic understanding of all aspects of publishing rather than specializing in one field. This means you complete a formal training in writing, editing, content management, publishing, and sales and marketing in just one year. This enables you to find employment in any of these areas with publishing companies.

What DO You Study?


The magazine and book publishing program trains you in writing for publication, editing, content management and production process, elements of publishing design, copyright, contracts and permissions, book editing, magazine editing, magazine marketing, book marketing and sales, applications of publishing design, and publishing for screen.

During the program, you get numerous opportunities to write for magazines and develop your portfolio; publish e-books; be an integral part of the Canadian cultural and literary landscape; take part in publishing On the Danforth magazine twice a year; and work in a real-world setting through industry field placement in the second semester.

The best part about this program is that it also incorporates learning about electronic media, which is an essential requirement to seek employment in today's publishing industry. When internet has emerged as the most powerful and widely used technology, ability to publish for electronic media offers you an added advantage.

Is It Necessary to Receive a Certification in Book Publishing?


It is not necessary to receive a formal qualification or certification to build careers in publishing industry. However, formal learning helps you explore your hidden potential, various career options in publishing industry, critical knowledge and career-ready skills required to seek employment.

Centennial College's certification program in publishing offers strong employment prospects and opens doors to a wide range of career opportunities. Moreover, the industry field placement complements your classroom learning and helps you gain relevant industry contacts, which can be used as references in future. This means that with this certification your chances of finding jobs in the Canadian publishing industry increase considerably.

Options Upon Graduation


Another plus point of Centennial's certification program in publishing is that it offers you the eligibility to participate in an articulated program with selected universities, colleges and institutes. You can apply your academic credits towards further study and obtain more advanced qualification. This will help you seek more advanced jobs in publishing industry. However, if you wish to pursue your career immediately after completing this course, you can go ahead and seek employment. You are free to choose either of the options, depending upon your requirements.

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